Monday, March 16, 2015

Marvel Legends BAF: Odin

Captain Marvel, Sentry, Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Thor
2015 started out with a bunch of BAFs lined up and Odin is the first that grazes my collection. Technically, this wave consists of two BAFs: Odin and King Thor; truthfully, I'm not in the mood to have two Iron Fists, Hawkeye, and Thor just to make King Thor. I might've missed Machine Man in the process, but I'm not complaining. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Odin, Marvel depicts him as the old lore does: The father of Odin and all the gods of Norse Mythology. In the movie universe, he is the king of the advance ancient race of aliens. This figure however is based off the comic book version(more or less since Odin changed forms more than once throughout the decades in comic book). So, what does the Allfather bring to the table for us collectors? Well, let's find out.

Well one thing is certain, Hasbro managed to implement an important detail: Odin is missing one eye. The picture I got makes him look like he is in a shy pose; my one gripe about the face is that the way his eye is positioned, it makes it hard to get him to really look a certain way without it looking awkward like this picture. Regardless, it's a good face sculpt. Love the helmet, the horns, even the beard has some slight details in terms of paint. Though it's hard to get articulation out of his head with the man beard. His helmet, though decently sculpted, could still use some better paint details; or maybe some regal colors like gold. Other than that, I say it looks like Odin regardless if Odin changed looks several times in his comic book life(I'm more than willing to believe that there is a bit of Anthony Hopkins in this Odin since everything in Marvel has to abide by the cinematic universe these days).

Groot was the last BAF I got so let's compare the two. Size wise, Groot gets the award. Though Odin isn't small by any means. Gone are the days of small BAFs indeed and I'm really happy that Hasbro is really getting a good flow with BAFs these days.

He has a new body sculpt( I believe) and for the most part he is well done. The wash on his paint detail could've been a bit more on the giving side, but hey, Hasbro is Hasbro. There is something about the way he is made that makes him look like just a normal warrior which undermines the idea of Odin being the KING of Norse Gods; but again, perhaps Odin had an armor like this some time in the past.

Odin has one accessory, which is his spear. I'm sure it has some kind of name but I am not bothering with it right now; I think it's Odin Spear honestly. Well, it's not bad looking; looks bland at some angles, but it does mirror the color and wash of his helmet; again my gripe about it is that it should have been a bit more regal colored. Then there's the axe(again it has a name) which belongs to King Thor. Though I didn't want to simply store the weapon so I decided to give it to Odin just to imply that he is ready for all out battle. Not a bad looking weapon, though it dwarfs in comparison to the presence of Odin's spear and the overall ambiance Odin has.

Odin actually has a decent articulation; in fact he falls a bit more in the expected form of movement range! Though his clothing, the stiff cape and all hinders a lot of movement. I already mentioned the beard and how his head has the funny eye going on so that crosses out certain poses. Though generally, one doesn't need to have a lot of fancy poses for Odin. It's not like he is the nimble, agile, and even hand to hand kind of character.

That is all the pose one really needs for Odin most of the time. That and probably beating up both Thor and Loki for constantly arguing.

In conclusion, Odin isn't a bad BAF at all. He is above mediocre and is different. Honestly, it's really his set, the figures that came with him that made him worth it. Figures like Scarlet Witch, Iron Fist, and Captain Marvel is what made him stand out to me. I have no desire to finish King Thor so again, I'll be missing out on Machine Man but who cares? For anyone looking to have Thor be side by side with his father, this wave is a must! Other than that... can't wait for the next wave! 

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