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Damsel of the Month:

Art by: Raffael Martini(check out his deviant art!)
Name: Jessica Drew

Series: Avengers

Some Words: What to say about this gal that I have spoken about a whole heck of a lot of times as it is in this blog. There has even been blog pages about her distress in bondage as it is! While some of those comic pages were convoluted and lacked any sense of coherency despite them having some redeeming qualities. But, regardless of that fact, Jessica Drew here still deserves a month for her Damsel endeavors! So she gains a month fittingly enough in a month that is name sake of a special damsel in the D.i.D. world, why is that? Is there a solid reason as to why? Well, April is a special month for me as it is and Spider-Woman was the first femme fatale from Marvel that I was introduced to when I was REALLY young! So to pay homage to nostalgia and celebration of milestones, here's Jessica Drew in her (not)finest positions and situations! The damsel heroine that she is known for(at least to my eyes she is)!

Forgot the artist; never had the reference! 
Jessica Drew, the Original Spider-Woman needs no introduction from this side of the web since I have more than a few posts about her. In the comic book world, Ms. Drew have had enough duress to make her probably one of the most interesting characters due to the fact that the Skrull Queen replaced her and turned her life upside down! She had all the right ingredients after that event to have such a chilling presence and the motivation to do anything it takes to gain her name, but sadly, writers just pretty much put her on the side lines. There was a lot of things that went on with her like her little love with Hawkeye that never went anywhere as well thanks to the movie partnering of Hawkeye and Black Widow. Not entirely sure what is going on in the present day, but all I know is that her past isn't any better.

Johncaro's art
What's even more appalling is that as much of a bad times way back when things were with her story and the continuity of her character, her D.i.D scenes weren't that eloquent either! One moment she'd be bound and gagged, the next moment she can snap the ropes like nothing. I mean if there is any confusion or anyone who tries to refute that, just check out the past few issues of Spider-Woman from way back when!

I did a quick blog on some of these issues(Issue# 4, 5, 8, 24, 25, & 27). I'm sure there are more since I don't have ALL of the first 50 issues of Spider-Woman. They're vintage, but again, they aren't exactly high in price since her story was... convoluted and pretty sad in terms of just how lacking it was in writing coherency. The past was so bad that they just pretty much brushed them off as Hyrda brainwashing! Smooth! Wish it was better! And I wish even more that her bondage scenes were better!

I can't find this artist's page! But it pays homage to a certain cover
Despite all of that, Spider-Woman does open up a whole hell of a lot of fantasies in the D.I.D. community for her sassy and vibrant red costume. Just that chair bondage alone in issue#5 spawned a plethora of drawings that are trying to depict her helplessness in a much more 'true' distressing situation for her! Not a lot of them are good, but at least she is actually really helpless in the artist's depiction and we can tell that was the intent. I mean in the original comic book that her infamous chair bondage came from, she was literally not helpless at all! I mean, if you can break out of the bonds at any moment, why spend that much time struggling and looking all sexy? I mean, does she like it secretly? 

Oh snap?! But her distress(pseudo, mind you) DiD come with a great comic book issue that paved way for many false bondage advertisement in the comic book realm:

Yes, that comic cover is indeed the biggest fallacy in the comic book D.i.D. world! But it did influence Adam Warren:

Truly a great homage! In fact, Emp is a homage to Spider-Woman! By Adam Warren
Regardless, there are a lot of artists that tried their hand to make Spider-Woman's bondage a bit more realistic and far more enamoring. 

By Loz
Erickson(He has more variants in his page)
So, suffice to say, Spider-Woman does need a bit more bondage love and trust me, she will. Why April though when this month is meant for a great Damsel like Ms. Oniel? Simple. She introduced me to Marvel a bit more. A special dame like that deserves a special month that is MORE than just a fool's month or a regular 31 days. There is a lot of things about this month that makes it special and might as well honor a special femme fatale!

And for 'current' D.i.D.'ing of Jessica and fellow 'spy-der' gals:

Kachima's art
Sharpffffff's art

And yes, I did commission her! Well, to the next month of the bull then!!!

Here are some screenshots from the animated series she used to have some time ago, compliments of Detectivesambaphile:

Yvonne Craig
And an upcoming storyline:

Kachina's Art
Variant by GREAT-DUDE
And... We have ourselves a commission with a particular awesome DiD heroine who shares some similarity with this month's damsel! 

Spider-Woman and Empowered by Kachima
StanGojira edit

Collaboration between Tom and DeadDOGG

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