Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spider-Woman Issue 5 (D.I.D related)

I wrote something about Spider-Woman sometime ago (Femme Fatale: Spider-Woman). It's pretty apparent that I have some love for this gal because of the fact that she has had some bondage in her life. It is quite a shame to say that her perilous scenes have been more than.... anticlimactic and frivolous. It's like... she can't be detained in the 'aesthetic' and the 'distressing' way that we all like... It's more like the artist and writer's trick and not a treat....

I mean after all... ropes can't hold her (in the past) because she is UBER strong... chains can do some sort of detaining magic, but only for a few moments when her vigor is replenished. I mean... what the EFF?!

This is a pretty scene. But false!

I mean after all, what the hell is the point of all the pretty cleave gag, the almost intricate ropes and the chair scene when... she can just SNAP out of it?! Don't believe me?! This comic book in the D.I.D world is infamous!!! Watch!

Snapp?! What was the point of all that binding and all of that securing?! She even PLAYED the damsel part, struggled fervently, probably moaned and groaned through her gag when on the whim she could just break the ropes like it was ... nothing?! I Am not a big fan of that idea, although the bondage scene was nice and good thing drawings remained in stalemate FOREVER!!! Still the writing was a bit insipid but the art is vintage and I am more than willing to say that this is well drawn; there are some rough times with the rope coloring that sometimes 'adheres' too much with her boot colors, that and the cleave gag seems hollywood style! I mean if she can break ropes I'm SURE she can talk through the minor 'obstruction' she is given. 

That and this Hangman fellow is a bit.... redundant. 

And to think all of that meant nothing.... Shame.

A wasteful bondage scene, but at least some things came out of it that was good! However, this will be continued!

We all now what inspired this misleading cover!

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