Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spider-Woman Issue #4 (D.I.D related)

It's been a while since I've done one of these. From what I can accumulate through the rummage of vintage Spider-Woman issues that I have (I almost have all 50; maybe I missed some in between), her bondage time are a bit sparse in excitement except for Issue 5 (Spider-Woman #5) and this one, Issue 4. Though as great scenes as they are, they fall to the rhythm of anticlimactic and rather incoherent in regards to HOW and WHY she was even tied up and gagged to begin with. But one can't complain...

So, the red and gold 'Angel of San Francisco' Is quick to be bound and gagged by someone who CERTAINLY has a fetish for redundancy in words and sexism. I mean, one second she is being lassoed in and the next she is hogtied, somewhat chest harnessed and lack of power to break out of her bonds! (And the whole 'comic book time panel' doesn't suffice to give a good description in this because the whole entire place is on fire! So Mr. Hangman's prowess in bondage worked quite well on Ms. Jessica Drew, or so it seems).

And again, I am highly enamored by the hogtying ability. She is rather helpless looking in here and a true distressing scenario! Though being dragged while only adorned with the spandex isn't exactly the most enticing feeling ever.  For the mysterious duration that our Spider-Woman was cruelly dragged, she watched as the building she was fighting Brother's Grimm let out a bellowing explosion that spelled 'sparranng!' and listened contently and only inquired 'who are you' Twice to highlight her stress!!!!

Of course he gagged her so it would prevent her from interrupting his rather zestful speech about women and their need to be protected through bondage. Well, Mr. Hangman, should've used magical ropes or something to hold this one... and a crotch rope wouldn't hurt either.

(Issue #25Issue #27)

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