Saturday, April 19, 2014

Frozen Infinity

Oh yes, my love for Frozen transferred over to figurines. Well, sad to say, there aren't any 'male' oriented Frozen toys; and I'm not about to succumb to putting dolls on my collection, thank you! But there is this Infinity figurine that is meant for a video game and it actually is pretty cool!

Now the figurine itself has no articulation whatsoever. Detail wise, it's pretty accurate. Though it is lackluster in regards to her everything that makes Elsa's dress amazing like the shimmering and the fancy cape. I suppose I understand why they weren't able to add those in.

Her posture is pretty Elsa like. Though it could be depicted as a sexy repulsor pose, more or less.

One thing that is super accurate is that her hair is on her left shoulder(like it magically finds itself during the movie). The base is paying homage to her 'floral-snowflake-insignia'. So until Figma comes out(never will happen) comes out with a figure of Elsa, this is the best that I can have. I'm not complaining, it's not entirely bad.

Isn't she cute by Asuka?! Anyways...! 

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