Sunday, August 4, 2013

Damsel Of The Month:

Name: Sailor Venus/ Minako Aino

Series: Sailor Moon Anime

Some Words: Yes I did. I pulled out some nostalgia as well as some sensuality into the picture. Virgo... Venus? Fitting, right? Well regardless if it is or ISN'T the case, I think it's time to put a Senshi into the light and this blonde bomb shell is fitting in the month for virgo. Be warned however... Minako was a certain age during the series. We're just going to say this is her college years and into her... 'solo' days as a senshi and got herself into some perilous situations! Situations that despite having the proper themes and the adequate plot lines in the series, not once did she get a TRULY noteworthy distress despite the show having aired for such a duration. And yes, she has had some shares of being restrained in the series, we all know that ...

But truly, which one is the better depiction of a real damsel in distress? The Picture above me, or the one above that said picture?

Reptile eye, of course. Check out his deviant art!
Okay so I'll say it to the series' defense that it was for the younger female(insinuated anyways for the female gender, BUT a few 'fan boys' delved into it for whatever reason/s) of the time. A bit on the bondage side would've probably get it shut down, but come on! We have a team of five(in the beginning) who are 'bound' with destiny to do battle with the Negative Force and more than always they seem to encounter minions(or whatever they were called in japanese) who are stronger than them. There were plenty of 'restraining' type minions to do the job, and not to mention there were plenty of times where they could've been restrained before transformation or what not. I don't think the cliche of damsel bait cliche was used enough.

It's not that I was asking for the kind like the picture shown above! Though that would be enticing. Wouldn't have worked for the genre of Sailor Moon though.

Sleepy Comics!
But the pic above is more than viable and 'matured' enough for the show. But alas never did get it.

The pic above would've also worked. Though, the angles could be a bit 'revealing', as odd as that notion sounds when the girls all wear mini skirts. Okay so we did get some minor bondage on the Minako's disdain. A few vine bondage, a bit of magical restraint, some insinuated 'cross' bondage, so forth and so forth so who am I to complain, right? I am an avid D.I.D. lover, thats who I am and that's where my credibility for complaining derives from! I say it wasn't enough!

I mean the gal's prominent move is called "Love Me Chain". That insinuates far more bondage libido than some of these bondage pictures I have managed to collect!

The blonde bombshell, 'Goddess of Love', and Sailor V, all one in the same, all just seems perfect for some cliche plot line for bondage in at least ONE of the new Sailor Moon reboot episode! Let's see, Minako thought that she is in for a singing audition, finds out it's a Negative Force trap for certain young women who have the perfect 'energy' with their singing voice(they can even use gag harness apparatus to trap the said energy). She can either be captured as Minako and ... well we can see her in bondage, and/or she is captured as Sailor Venus and is .... well... put in distress. The picture in the left is probably a bit inappropriate, but hey, it's rather sensual and excruciating(I can't cite the artist because I can't find the exact site, even if I do, I can't 'link' it because the art is a bit on the crude side).

Lost One Zero; who else?
And let's not forget that Minako looks rather enticing bound and gagged next to her fellow Senshis! Either we can have all Five Inners in for the bonding time or one ... or two!

Okay so perhaps I over exasperated the innuendo of bondage in the reboot(which I am hoping does come around next year). It will PROBABLY never happen that way but hey, a few more DiD for us would be great. Solo or not!

Waiting for someone to rescue her ....
Anyways! Virgo. Venus. Goddess of Love(for bondage). That's August's pick. Until the next month!

Venus... Love me... Chain. Wow. Or the english version's Love Chain Encircle. Either or. 

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