Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Damsel of the Month:

Sailor Moon is 18 in this article; just FYI. I made it so!

Name: Tsukino Usagi/Serena/Princess Serenity

Series/Manga: Sailor Moon(R, S, Super S, Stars, Crystal); Sailor Moon Manga

Some Words: This month was the 'reboot' of Sailor Moon called "Crystal". So this is Usagi's month then for lack of a better word! Usagi should not need any introduction since she is probably one of the iconic females of the anime world. Just her alone created a whole 'magical girl' genre! She inspired so many generations with what she does that it became such a well known 'genre'. Again I don't think she really needs ANY introduction so let's just jump into the cream of the crop with todays article, shall we? And what is that? Well the DiDs and all of that!

Art by none other than Loz
It's a sad truth that the Senshis and Sailor Moon did not get into enough good DiD! Not enough ropes, not enough capturing, not enough enticing scene to call it note worthy. Hopefully that's something Sailor Moon Crystal will remedy. Though we get enough fanfics and fan art that helped us get through the years where there was lacking.

I mean, they were school girls who wore school girl skirts to battle! Of course for the sake of they're of age now so they probably wouldn't be wearing school girl skirts... though one can say that college in their area requires certain uniforms, right? The animation back then were volatile and sometimes didn't really entice me as much as other episodes did so some fan arts did the job. That and as much as I like Usagi, she talks a little too much that she deserved a gag way more often than she didn't. Shame.

art by Sleepy Comics
And some fan arts don't even give her a gag! But it's a good art nonetheless.

Glad Loz doesn't have any qualms gagging Usagi; or all the Senshis for that matter.

And whoever this artist is.... So at any rate, not much to say but the return of Sailor Moon through the Crystal saga and the fact that it's a month that I consider very special for a few reasons... and the fact that Sailor Moon was a big influence in some of my hobby.... well...

She Deserves July for this year.

Maybe this can get updated too if Sailor Moon Crystal fixes it for us DiD lovers.

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