Friday, February 6, 2015

ML Odin: Sentry

I said this year I would slow down in buying BAFs and I don't think I started on the proper foot with that statement. Well, that conversation is for later since right now we are going to talk about my newest Hasbro figure and that is Sentry: The man with a power of a thousand exploding suns. What the heck does that mean?! It's a convoluted statement as saying the man who seeks not finds everything at all. What? Anyways on to the figure!

We've seen Hasbro's Marvel Legends box. I really wanted to show case it because of the awesome artwork on the side. Sentry... showing his power of a thousand exploding suns.

Now just off the get go, I was never a huge fan of this character but I appreciated him because of two things: when "Spider-Woman"(Veranke) was reintroduced in the comic books, Sentry was one of the hard hitters put in the New Avengers story line, which leads me to my other reason for liking him! While he is a an infallible(using the word loosely) copy of Superman in terms of power, he has a pretty creative origin. The writers did an amazing job as well including him in. Other than that... he fell short and he became the basket case of Marvel. As for the figure itself, well, it's an older figure that was set to be released with the Hit Monkey BAF which I didn't really dive into. Paint is pretty accurate to the character though there really isn't spectacular. The big "S" on his belt is probably the most unique thing in him since everything else seems pretty flat.

He comes with King Odin's arms. Though if one takes the route of King Thor(the 'other' alternate path for this BAF), one can skip out on Sentry and get Machine Man for his arms. Yeah, Sentry needed some accessories like an alternate cape or face... or special affects anyone?!

His articulation is something we have seen in the past with this mold, though with a cape that only swivels left and right and some odd proportions that makes certain stance awkward, Sentry doesn't exactly qualify as astounding when it comes to that department.

All in all, I'm not really into this figure. In fact, it's probably one of the lowest on the totem poll in regards to this wave. It just really falls short and it already has an egregiously bad reputation for being one of the 'delays' of Hasbro's line up. For all those who were actually waiting for a Sentry, this one isn't something to ogle over. I don't have the old Toybiz version, but I'm sure it had more to offer than this. Truth to be told, he isn't even required for a BAF, but I really wanted Odin and not King Thor. So, with that said... whatever The power of a Thousand Exploding Suns mean, this figure sure didn't have that. 

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