Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Damsel of the Month:


Name: Nana

Series: Nana to Kaoru

Some Words: I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole lot about this character or even this manga but from the little I have read, I pretty much got the gamut of it(just missing some fine details in the fabric). A shy and perverted boy name Kaoru falls has been in love with his neighbor Nana. The two are a complete opposite of one another and that's when the chemistry begins. So let's just say the whole entire time the two discover things about themselves(especially Nana) that involves a whole hell of a lot of bondage! A LOT OF BONDAGE! So let's carry on then...

Before I get into the main part of this, I will say that there are a lot of teaser bondage pics in this manga. Used a lot of cover art to truly tease a whole hell of a lot for the BDSM/Bondage lovers I say!

Here's another teaser! I mean, it's a lot of hott bondage scenes if you ask me that Nana deserves to be in! Though some 'teaser' art did happen in some way, just not the exact same way:

It's not like western comics and their false advertisement of bondage(Spider-Woman!!!) But don't misconstrue, there are plenty of bondage that do happen in the manga that just doesn't insinuate or tease!

Does the picture above look familiar? How about THIS blog from some time ago? Yes it's THIS Nana that is the current Damsel of the Month. So what is Nana's story? Her personality? Like I said I'm not that knowledgeable but I will pour in what I got. The great thing about her bondage situations is that she is a very conservative girl who is top in her class, a role model, and all of that over achiever stuff... But she does have a subdued sense of lust inside of her that Kaoru, her perverted neighbor, pries out of her through the means of their bondage 'games'.

She finds out that there is a lot about the bondage world that truly enamors her! The idea of submissive and dominance, master and 'pet' truly does strike the right nerves inside of her that more than once, she and Kaoru delves into such bondage fiascos!


And this whole thing gets HEAVILY into BDSM outlets that I am not into THAT much. But with how it is done and the psyche that this manga delves into, I found it rather arousing to say the least.

Though the dialogue seems rather degrading(and it is), there is a lot of inner 'struggling' with Nana that truly starts to reveal her .... 'want'. Or maybe I just really assumed from my quick browsing of this manga. Again, a whole lot of BDSM going on there.... HOTT.

A ball gag lover. Great affect on it... Nana does play her bondage well despite her inhibitions.

A hood to be added to a perfect bondage is rather peculiar to me and puts the scene down a notch...

But there is something pivotal about this moment where Kaoru completely bombards her with sensations that truly gets things going. Not only that, her further scrutinizes her as a person and the persona she lets on and who/what TRULY goes inside of her. She keeps them restrained inside her perfect little body but she would want them untied sometimes. Which is why I would surmise that the two heavily get into the bondage game(and why she eventually submits herself to him through a custom made collar) more than once. And the bondage game just doesn't include tying her up(which happens a lot), it also has dare games like wearing crotch ropes in public... so on and so on. Kaoru is also quite the mean one to Nana, and she seems to happily take it for reasons of submissions I suppose. Also, Nana doesn't get into bondage by herself...

I wasn't entirely sure if she is a rival, a good friend, or what.... She just jumps into bondage more willingly than Nana(openly should I say) and she seems to be really close to Kaoru. I mean the one bondage scene the two gets is really.... interesting to say the least! I should really read this manga....

So with that said... I wish I knew more about Nana but I think I deciphered the pictures and the dialogue I really got into well enough. A smart girl that is into bondage but hides it... a pervert who is open about his bondage games and is madly in love/lust with the smart girl and he happens to need a tutor... HHHMMM!

And if anything else, there is a lot of good on-screen tying!


Wonderful gagged expression from Nana....

Nana and Kaoru also had an anime.... it really got the first bondage scene really good. Shame it never got farther than that....

Well... at any rate. More or less this was less of a Damsel of the Month but a Manga of the month. I didn't delve as much into Nana as I did with her environment and role in the manga... which is a must. I need to read it to be honest with you. But this is the link that I got most of these images: Nana to Kaoru Manga.

Well worth it! At any rate... to July we go then!


  1. Now that is some enticing damsel in distress pictures. Nana certainly seems to delve into many delicious scenes in this story. I'm going to have to find this manga for myself and truly delve into what's explored in its pages. Thanks for sharing. I'll let you know what I think when I give it a good read =)

    1. The manga has a lot of ecchi and plenty of bondage. It's not done either. xD Though there are some parts of the BDSM that they explore that I'm not that fond of, but again the ideas are what made it flow(pet-play for example). Yeah, do check it out! =)