Monday, March 2, 2015

ML Odin: Thor(Marvel Now!)

With a BAF wave that is dedicated to the All-Father, one can't simply not have a Thor figure in it! So, here we are! Odin's most popular Marvel son! So, how does he make the All-Father all proud?

Thor swinging Mjolnir in that greyscale art. Nice! Oh, Hasbro started adding scotch tape for a more secure box to deter "swappers". Yeah!

Thor's updated look for the "Marvel Now" story line isn't half bad. It pays homage to his 'classic' and out of place costume but gives it the 'Viking' look nonetheless. One thing about this figure is that he is huge and scaled adequately for a Thor. His cape may be too stiff for my taste, however, it has some shading in it! It's well done. The profile picture makes his arms really way too muscular and his legs looks like he skipped leg days. Other than that, a good looking figure for anyone who is a fan of Thor.

For Odin's BAF piece, Thor comes with right leg. As for his own accessories, Thor has to have Mjolnir and a sword which I believe came from the "Fear Itself" storyline; other than that, I have no idea what the sword really is about. Standard accessories and not TOO bad. Though again, lacking some kind of thunder special affect on his hammer and the fact that the said hammer doesn't look as enchanting... it's not that great. The sword is alright when it comes to detail; wish it had that same silver shine as Mjolnir.

Now his articulation is where he fails the most. First off, his head cannot look up, down, or side to side very well. That fancy cape and helmet hinders so much movement that it is truly annoying to pose him. His arms are facing the cape-in-the-way dilemma, then we have his awkward legs; also he has no ankle pivot. Dynamic poses are few and far betweens and even some of his easy posing has very little weight to it. The hammer really missed the nail on this figure when it came to articulation! Perhaps if he had some kind of thunder affects going about his hammer that is detachable, there would have been a bit more flare to this figure's pose. Such a shame since he looks damn amazing for a Thor figure.

Between him and the only other Thor figure that I have, this is definitely the better figure. The one I have, the King Thor from the Blob series isn't that great to begin with so it's for sure shelved. Though they both feel about the same in terms of articulation; I just like Marvel Now's costume better.

The only other "Thor" related figure I have is Beta Ray Bill from the MODOK BAF (unless we count Thor Buster of Iron Man from the same series) series from toybiz. Suffice to say, I like Beta Ray Bill better if I was to compare the two, then again, they are two entirely different characters. It's like comparing USAgent or War Machine with Captain America or Iron Man.

All in all, a good looking figure and for the sake of the BAF, he is a must. Though with his short comings in articulation, I'm sure some people can skip this figure altogether; I did need a new Thor figure and this one sort of delivered. Glad I have him nonetheless. 

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