Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ML Odin: Captain Marvel

Another female added in Hasbro's growing and well loved work on the Marvel Heroines! The addition this time is someone who just had a revamped version of her older costume... but I suppose Ms. Marvel's new identity as Captain Marvel fits rather well for a new figure! So here she is! Honestly, let's just get into the review because I know only a fair amount about Ms. Marvel and far less about her new Captain Marvel persona.

Though the box is very familiar. Still love the art on the side. The other side is Scarlet Witch by the way since Captain Marvel is a swap.

The details on the body is something ot be admired. While very little of the designs are sculpted in, the color combination and the mold is a perfect Carol Denvers. It is also very comic book accurate and I happen to like the new look! Of course this mold is familiar. I have a feeling that Hasbro will be using this mold for a few more femme fatales for the sake of the idea that it is well liked; for obvious reasons of course. Look at that figure. Paint job wasn't that bad here; sculpting of the Carol's mohawk wasn't that bad either, in fact, it's rather nice. The sashe is different from the other ones we have seen but it's quite annoying how stiff it is. Oh, and Captain Marvel came with two different head variants:

And... not really a big fan of the mask-less version. I mean the hair sculpt is awesome but that face and those lips... yeah. I barely posed her using that face.

There are pros and cons when it comes to the accessories that comes with Captain Marvel. First and foremost, the lazy special affects that we already got from Jubilee BAF does not do well with Captain Marvel; at least they should've made it yellow. As for her BAF piece, depending on which BAF the collector is trying to finish, the King Thor head, cape, and axe(forgot the name) is not necessary. Though females are in the hott lines these days with collectors.

As far as her articulation, there really isn't anything new to add to it since it's a mold we have seen before. There are limitations but unlike other figures using this body type, Carol has no problem standing since she is wearing flat boots. The head is what bums some people out with the fact that the movement doesn't allow 'flight friendly' posture. Still, it's a good articulated figure.

Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel from the MODOK BAF. Mar-Vell will not be seeing the light of day in the movie-verse(at least on a stand alone movie with just him. I have a feeling he will be in Carol's movie shot though). Not really something I can compare with the whole "Toybiz vs Hasbro" deal since it's two different characters.

And Carol's most longest outfit: Ms. Marvel/Warbird from the 3 pack that came out a few months ago. Strange thing to get another version of the same character in the small amount of time but who am I to complain. They are both different in more ways than one despite reusing the same body mold! Still loving the Captain Marvel costume way better than her Ms. Marvel look.

In conclusion, despite this figure not entirely a must, it's a great grab! I personally like it and it's a testament is trying somewhat with some of the things that fans have been screaming for! At some point, the laziness of the energy has to end since ... it's the same one and it takes away from her unique power affects. Though with familiar articulation, great mold, and a breath of fresh air with the costume, I can't say that this figure fell short. Definitely one of the stronger figure out of the three so far!

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