Sunday, November 16, 2014

Marvel Legends: Trio Pack

This is the first review I will be doing on this sort of Legends pack since they don't come very often. I guess it's about time that Hasbro tries to do something aside from BAF pieces, right? Well regardless, this is a Target exclusive set and one again the whole 'rare' events of scalpers and greedy collectors came to play but alas, this wasn't very rare at all. In fact, my local target had them for a while and I found myself passing it up more than once after I got mine. So with that said...

Again the first time I'm reviewing a box with all three figures in place but it does hold true to a regular Marvel Legends box; despite it longer and bigger, one can truly recognize and feel that it is a Legends with the window box, the side panel and back designs... nothing new to truly talk about so let's get right into the figures then.

The first of the set is Captain America. Can't have too many Caps in your collection, right?! I have no idea if this is a current Captain America, ultimates, or what not, but we have seen this face before of the unmasked version with the Captain Steve Rogers head sculpt from the Terrax BAF. The body, I'm not sure if this is a familiar one but regardless, it's the most unique out of the three in the sense that it gets a variant head. Now we've all seen a Captain America figure before(plenty of ones thanks to the Mandroid BAF earlier this year) so it is a resemblance of him. The shield isn't its original one since the original one's peg broke because this one's wrist is too big. A major flaw. So the inside of its shield is actually silver/metal so... a bit more 'realism' to it rather than the red insides. Regardless of what mold this is, he does get the belt, and the shoulder straps. Other than that, nothing stellar about this Cap.

He is pretty standard in articulation with the exception of his wrists which is missing. Makes it hard for some poses and partially the reason the original shield's peg broke. Won't go in detail with this one's articulation but for sure not the best Cap figures I have.

So this Captain America is sealed away and not displayed. Oh, and that's the original shield.

Next on the line up is this jolly green guy who is Radioactive Man; one can tell with his glowing green body. I don't know what his power contains or why he has a Captain Marvel(Mar-Vell) symbol on his chest but... yeah. Not sure why he is wearing that outfit either.... But truthfully, this transparent skin is a good change. He is a Drax body mold so there are some odd poses when profile. Nothing too stellar in terms of his design. Oh his emblem does glow in the dark. Wouldn't it have been better if his exposed skin glows in the dark in general?

Articulation is familiar since it is Drax's body mold. I think his little skirt does get in the way but with very little knowledge of the character, I'm not even sure what he would be doing other than stand real close to someone and poison the heck out of the said person.

In conclusion, he falls short with a cool perk of glowing in the dark and with his lack of anything else in terms of accessories, he is a mediocre figure. Still, to add him in the rogue of gallery for villains isn't such a bad idea after all. Still, he is the lackluster of the trio but he certainly is a bit more peculiar than them.

Now if any of these figures came in singles, I would've gone with Ms. Marvel in a heart beat! Why wouldn't anyone, right? This mold is familiar since it is Black Cat's mold with the head being sculpted for Carol Denvers and the paint job being made for her costume. The sash is new of course and overall this figure is beautiful. There are some paint mishaps here and there but other than that, it's not so bad. Can't say it's amazing in that department but it isn't bad at all.  Though Hasbro has been on a role on at least making their female figures look attracting so hats off to them! Ms. Marvel is no exception and truth to be told, I have high hopes for the future femme fatale of the Marvel Universe on Hasbro's guideline! So on to articulation...

Standard articulation for sure in terms of the female bodies! Won't go in detail on the body but I do want to say that Hasbro now has to find ways around the hair. Sometimes it is too much and the hair being stiff, movement on the head area is sometimes sacrificed.

Out of the three she is my favorite. Beautiful figure but again, lacking accessories make her flight short handed still. Though in the grand scheme of things, with the three lacking in that department(Cap not really but still), I'd have to say that Ms. Marvel has the most to offer.

So is this trio worth it, I can't say yes or no. It just truly depends on how much you love each character together or separately. The price is high but cheaper if they were sold individually. 

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