Friday, July 19, 2013

Marvel Legends BAF: Terrax

Terrax Series: Iron Man, Steve Rogers, Klaw, Hope Summers, Constrictor, Ghost Rider
Well I did say I was going to finish another BAF in this particular post, didn't I? Well, the next complete part of my BAF binge is going to be Terrax. There is something a bit special about this guy and that is the notion that he was the first BAF in a long time after Hasbro took a break. More so called: "The Return of the Marvel Legends" series rather than the Terrax series to his disdain, of course. Being a former Herald of Galactus, one must be a bit more prominent, right? Surprisingly, he isn't a well known character even to me. I've seen him more than enough times through cards and comic books, but his story is always obscure to me. Then again, a lot of the Marvel's cosmic and space characters are to me, but as a figure, he has his standings with me. He isn't the best BAF, but he does have some qualities that makes him rather enjoyable! 

One thing about Terrax from what I have seen is that he has remained consistent with his costume and Hasbro made sure to catch that consistency rather well. While it's not exactly the most outstanding costume for a former herald of Galactus, the almost infallible detail of the toy that adheres to the comic book designs is what makes it great. The 'axe' itself is generally the image of his weapon in the comic book. Colors are great, vibrant red and the skin tone grey with the devious grin is just fantastic to say the least. He also has the peoples' eyebrow going on(color of the eyes are close to a silver'ish deal; cool looking) and then the ever so symmetrical 'Abraham Lincoln' beard going on there. Again it is a comic book trademark, but still, it gave me a good laugh. And yes, I have a slight red paint smear on his neck.

His height is almost toe to toe with Iron monger from the IM3 BAF series. Doesn't make him the tallest one of the BAFs out there, but it gives him a decent height. He is bigger than the regular Marvel Legends which makes it better than the recent BAFs coming out(Hit Monkey???? Really?).

One of my biggest complaints about this figure is that he has a VERY lose grip on his Axe. It won't come off his hand when being put into a pose, however it doesn't sit in a taut manner where it would allow him A LOT of really convincing action scenes. Angling the said axe in a certain way can make it a bit more true to an axe wielding alien, but trying to get him to hold it up as if doing a 'Thor' pose is rather out of the question most of the time. But finding out form a certain reviewer(wonder who) that you can have a makeshift 'sheathe' for his axe adds a bit more postures. More or less.

Speaking of Thor. Wait, Thor as an axe too? Have to axe him if that is magical too!

So Terrax found a home in Shelf 2 and Ultron moved to Shelf 1. Decided to add another cosmic powerhouse in this shelf since we have Loki, Blackheart, and Apocalypse on the first shelf. Onslaught may be a juggernaut on his own right(pun) but there wasn't enough 'umph' in this shelf. Well, there is Terrax to add some power of cosmic in this one!

With characters like Klaw and Constrictor who are still somewhat shelf warmers in most retail stores, Terrax wasn't an expensive BAF. Still recent enough and again, having not so enamoring characters will make BAF purchasing rather easier. He is a good buy, I mean, he isn't my favorite BAF, but he is for sure higher on the ladder than Rulk or Iron Monger for me. But then again, I don't collect BAFs that I don't like. It's an expensive hobby and to frivolously collect BAFs with budget and space being an issue, well, it's just plain asinine! But Terrax, this guy I dig. 

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