Friday, October 31, 2014

Damsel of the Month:

Name/Alias: Felicia Hardy/Black cat

Game/Series: Marvel, Spider-Man

Some Words: Halloween month! Watch out of Black Cats and Bats! Or should I say Black Cat watch out for kidnappers wanting to tie you up all nice and snug! Well it's not a big brainer that Felicia Hardy is picked! It's actually been a long time coming and it's pretty obvious that I don't have a lot of Marvel damsels in the mix so I might as well add more! But don't get me wrong! I just didn't add her in just for the sake of Marvel pity! Black Cat is worthy of her title and there are a lot of reasons as to why! Aside from spectacular fan art of course!

Captive 2D commissioned by gagem
There are a lot of talk that Felicia Hardy got a lot of her start by imitating Selina Kyle(Catwoman of course) and honestly, that's a hard fact to refute. I won't go as far as saying Marvel just copies DC, but the similarities are hard to really forgive so in this case, yeah I'd have to say that Black Cat is the Marvel Catwoman. She is a cat burglar(duh) and a feminine one. She uses her sexuality to try and tempt Spider-Man to give up chasing after her. She eventually turns good and fights side by side with Spidey and her weapons... well claws, whips, some grappling hooks, and yeah a whole bunch of kitty gadgets. Though I do have to say there is one thing different about her: she used to have bad luck powers.

Also by Captive 2D; commissioned by Gagem
I'm not 100% sure where she got those powers from. Assuming it had something to do with her genetic modifying days with the Kingpin and the Answer. Maybe the guy has an answer for that question as to why Felicia has those powers once? Or maybe just what that entails? Does Eddie Brock get a bad hair day on his mug shot day? But at any rate, from what I remember, Parker had those bad luck influence put on him removed through magic(Dr. Strange) and Felicia loses hers and well... she takes a beating. Does she end up bound and gagged?

Don't remember where I got this art from; maybe someone can link me?
WE can only hope she did get kidnapped after getting beat up, right?

Or maybe placed in some peril like the one above? No.  From what I remember, she just got awfully beat up and I think Spider-Man came to her rescue. I think.


Now here's an interesting rapport between Spider and Cat(hmm... halloween themed huh?). At one point they are enemies(and I think with the current story line it's the same deal) and why shouldn't they be? Spider-Man is the goody-two-shoes while Black Cat started out as a care-free person who just wants to steal whatever she wants to steal so right at the get go they clash in ideals. Spider-Wan just wants to imprison her but... ends up falling in lust with her. So there was a complication with that relationship for a while, but the complication evolved into being allies and liking each other. But Felicia had a different problem... she liked Spider-Man and not Peter Parker while Spider-Man likes both of her as Parker and Web-Head. Yeah... but we all know she marries a super model by the name of Mary jane.


I digress but.... jealous much? So what does Parker think about all this jealousy and Cat's former villainess status?

Wish I could credit this person! Don't know the signature!

There is as much chemistry in Spidey tying up Black Cat akin to Batman tying up Catwoman, right? But if anything else, Black Cat looks just as good in bondage anyways whoever does the tying up much like Selina Kyle.

Another unknown artist! Would like to credit this person if anyone knows!

Another commission from Gagem; Drawn by Ktu-lu

With all that said's done, Black Cat deserves more treatment such as this; they lack in comic books but she did get a couple in the animated series(a couple as Felicia and one good one as Black Cat; couldn't find the proper images). But once again fan fiction and fan art from the DiD community sure pulled through one more time!
Commissioned by Restrainher; art by: Marcelthesouza; and a Fanfic based on the pic

And before I say Happy Halloween with that wonderful image above with black cats, spiders, and goblins, let me just point out that there used to be another black cat who used to get herself into bondage:

So with that said, to the thanksgiving month it is!

Commissioned by: Gagem; Artwork of Kachima
In between her rather large breasts is a censored penis. Yep. 

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  1. Any damsel that can compare to Catwoman certainly draws my attention and Black Cat fits into the comparable restraints quite well if you ask me xD. She might not get quite the mainstream attention as a certain other cat but I have always loves the playful way she teases and taunts spider-man with the slightly less darker tone then Catwoman. Something about kitty like damsels is just plain sexy if you ask me =). Here's to hoping in the future this black cat runs across some more bad luck and ends up bound and gagged for all our viewing pleasure once again!