Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Figma: KOS-MOS

I love Figma figures! Out of the eastern figures I have gotten in this genre(Revoltech, S.H. Figuarts), Figma seems to have a lot of what I look for. And it's not that the others don't have variety in characters or even great looking figures, it's just that Figma seems to have the extra magic that the others don't seem to rekindle with me. My latest figure here by the name of KOS-MOS proves my point and I won't delay! Jumping into the review right away!

The familiar Figma box! All eastern toys that are in this genre seem to share this common aesthetic with their box. Frankly there is nothing too special for me to elaborate on here but I will say that because of what KOS-MOS brings with her, it's a much bigger box than your norm Figma boxes.  So let's crack KOS-MOS open then!

This is KOS-MOS Xenosaga III form; from my knowledge, she went through two prior changes before the third so I would imagine this is her third one. Not entirely sure but let's just say, this one paid homage to her original look rather than stray away from it(the Xenosaga II form did a lot of straying away from the original concepts of the characters. KOS-MOS especially). I'm not going to sit here and defend the fact that KOS-MOS is an android that has some... sensuality to her. She literally looks like a hi-tech model for Victoria's Secret or something, but for perversion's sake, it's a good looking amalgam of tech and lingerie. The details are quite amazing and for a Figma, they seemed to have given this a bit more of a flare; and they kind of had to. Anything less with such a complex character design would not suffice. One of her highlights in terms of details and painting is her hair! That translucent color and that form! I'll let pictures speak for itself! 

Face wise, KOS-MOS is beautiful. Though for a Figma, she does fall short in variety of faces; KOS-MOS only comes with two and for the most part it's the same face minus the change with the color of her eyes. Now from what I remember, KOS-MOS doesn't show emotions like the rest of the crew do since she is an android, but I think she at least had a faint angry look that they should've added. Though I did forget why/when her eyes changed colors....

And of course she has her targeting lens which can be swapped out with her regular 'headband'. It can also be used with both sets of head. Loving the details and the small writing that says 'KOS-MOS' on these pieces! 

Now to just showcase the rest of her accessories: she has a ton! Honestly, I think she truly beats Mikasa Ackerman's accessory galore and I thought the Attack on Titan character had a whole hell of a lot more than I could've taken! It's amazing! KOS-MOS also has the one unique thing that I haven't gone across with in a Figma figure really: chest swap variant. Unique to the character of course and the one thing similar to that is Mari's light swaps, but not necessarily enough to compare to what KOS-MOS could do; again it's all in what the character could do that they do the special things I suppose.

Of course complimenting Figma and their stands is always a must. This one delivers as it should and KOS-MOS has no problem standing up and keeping herself upright. Lots of poses were done thanks to this feature! Now for the other accessories that came with her.

Right off the get go, I'm going to say that one of KOS-MOS' little let down is the fact that none of her  weapons really fit in her hands as they should. They were always on the loose side and that made certain poses quite uncooperative. Of course hardly something that could be pointed out in this picture since it looked like this handgun is sitting still just fine. We can do a whole lot with the loose handling of her small firearm despite the minor gripe I have with it. Though for such a small accessory, the details are intact and works rather well.

Now I'm not sure what this weapon is called or what it really even is aside from it being a rather complex 'energy' blade. It has two forms and I'll show the other one later but the most visually pleasing one is when the blade is erected out of its 'dormant' form. This thing is pretty long and the weapon itself I can honestly say is just as tall as KOS-MOS, if not taller. 

Again the loose gripping takes away from possible dynamic shots and that's a bit disappointing. I was able to capture some good ones though that makes the blade convincing enough. The details on this weapon is rather amazing and the painting on the blade makes it really convincing that it's energy based; works aesthetically well when the light is shining perfectly on it.

Now for one of the biggest weapons(well if you count Asuka's and Mari's cockpit, I guess they're bigger) I have come across in a Figma figure are KOS-MOS dual battling gun. I'll just say it right now that because of the loose gripping, this perk disappointed me since it was a bit of a work just to get her to hold it right. With one was difficult, but with two? But when I got it to stand(extra stander are giving, though they weren't nearly as adequate as they should be) and pose, they look pretty darn good. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

That's the retracted version of her 'sword' by the way. On another side note, the firepower affect looks better with the light. 

And dare anyone get in the way of that!

And probably the easiest weapon of hers to pose is her other variant arm. I do remember this particular weapon in Xenosaga I. The cannon arm is missing but that's me being picky isn't it? What to say about this weapon? It's great! Easy to pose and it has great details that continues her color scheme and designs quite well.

Now for the other asset that KOS-MOS has. The variant breasts... well to be honest I wasn't quite sure what it was supposed to be because I didn't play the third installation as fervently as I played the first(got bored of the second one). So I kind of went crazy and thought it was her 'berserk' mode and "Shion, is it time to release the spikes on my bosoms?"

Turns out, it's not that at all. It's more or less more very similar to Iron Man's unibeam! Learned that from watching the battle between Telos and KOS-MOS(must get Telos). 

Though instead of a straight linear beam, it's actually a sphere of utter destruction. Though I will say that having some kind of firepower affect for this would've made it more convincing rather than thinking that KOS-MOS gained the ability to feel lust for Shion and Ziggurat. Though all in all, it's still a nice addition.

So the overall verdict? Well this is a fantastic addition to my collection! KOS-MOS is one of my favorite video game girls and to have a figure that meets my standards, well, I can't really complain all that much can I? Now if only Telos is in my possession! The grand fighting poses I'll concoct with the two...  Though I wish they finished the female line up with Shion, guess I can't really say much since KOS-MOS is enough. Well molded, great articulation(didn't delve into it since I let the pictures do the talking; oh that great hair is articulated by the way as well as the standard issue expectation), the painting is great, the intricate details, the accessories, well, what else to say but this is a beautiful figure! For anyone in the mood for collecting Figmas or want to have KOS-MOS as part of the femme fatales line ups, this figure will do no wrong in my opinion! 

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