Friday, June 14, 2013

Damsel Of The Month:

Name: Lois Lane

Series/Game: Superman; DC Comics

Some Words: Superman Month. The Man of Steel movie comes out this month and what more adequate damsel to enter this realm than none other than Superman's main squeeze herself: Lois Lane! You want to talk about a 'classic' damsel! This gal has out aged April O'Niel, Penny Gadget, Penelope Piststop, and just about all of my other Damsel pick since October. Part of me wants to say that she paved the way for the plethora of damsels in the mainstream and not a lot of DiD lovers would deny that statement. Just that first picture there of that comic book alone dates farther back than most of the first appearance of the well known damsels! OTN, OTM, Cleave.... rail road tracks... underwater peril... bomb on the lap... chair tie... etc etc. Lois Lane did it all in the mainstream way before I even learned to tie a knot on my shoes!

I'm not going to dive TOO heavily in her lore since it's pretty simple. Superman's girlfriend, villains exploit that, put her in some dastard peril, make her bait, and boom. Not a big fan of Superman myself, but I have to thank him that he is an expert in rescuing her so that she may find herself in peril over and OVER again. This has been the same formula form her first few appearances and even to her most common one! And that notion applies to both comics and animated series/movies! Though just to be a bit biased, I love her 90's animated series look.

The recent brief scene with Superman: Unbound kind of pays homage to her animated 90's look and adding in that 'mild' bondage scene spells reverence as well.

You don't need X-Ray vision for this clock work event.
Even the past adheres to this idea.
I mean, to have a host like Harley Quinn(Like Catwoman) is a great enough scene to deem her noteworthy as a damsel!

Now again, her rank in Damsel rating had always been way before the animated version of her. She has more than enough knots in her belt in comic books, the real life series, animated movies, parodies, and of course the constant fan fiction and fan art! 

That's a good collection of damsels! Thanks Loz

Yup. gag needed.
Unfortunately my collection of Lois' perils aren't as justifying as her appearance in bondage. Shame. But just with the little I am able to flaunt in this little area of the web should be enough to highlight. Thought the ones I am able to accumulate within my grasp does enough justice (league har har!). With so many scenes to judge her with her rope work, the release of Man of Steele, and the fact that Lois has been a damsel far longer than most/all of the prominent faces of the D.I.D. community, I'd say June is a perfect month for her. Now as for her future, I'm sure she will have her share. Though it seems that mainstream bondage for D.I.D. may be becoming less and less intriguing and such scenes are becoming holy grails with how sparse they are. With that said, it's good to know that we have a lot of things to look back on when it comes to Lois Lane. She has been a fine model of struggling and rope bruises for decades and decades now. Hey, perhaps with the new Man of Steele movie, there might even be a brand new animated series to capitalize on the movie! 

If that's the case, we'll get more of this^ and less of...


How's that for a mouthful of regrets? Anyways, that's it for this month. Till next time! Hm... July.




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