Thursday, December 13, 2018

What If?

What if I told you I still remember?

Everything. And almost every small detail.

What if I told you that I still think about it? 

Every moment that I can. I still smile, laugh, and feel sorrow for the time we stole.

What if I told you that despite everything, nothing will ever fill that part of me?

That part of me that you selfishly moved in to? That part of me that despite how hard, I can't ever seem to find a closure for?

What if I told you that despite me letting me feel these things that it doesn't matter? 

As I told you, you'll move on. Just like everyone, they all leave without a closure, without looking back. Without remembering.

So why do I ask those two words when in the end, it's just a bout between reflections and ghosts?

It's because the truth remains that no mattter what, in the end, it was always me. The one that held on. The one that fought albeit a bit too late. The one that still cherishes and remembers.

Sadly, you became just one of them. Just another brick in the wall. Or perhaps, somebody that I used to know.

Or was it the other way round? 

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