Friday, January 31, 2014

ML Ultimate Green Goblin BAF: Black Cat

Black Cat! Felicia Hardy! The Catwoman of Marvel! While Catwoman may have been first and in more ways than one is more popular than Black Cat there is one thing that Felicia Hardy does have over Selina: She has a better and good looking figure out right now! Though this one was a bit hard to get, luckily for me I did find her and now she is a part of my Marvel Legends collection along with the others!

As the box shows, Black Cat is the other figure that has a variant to her. The alternate looks interesting enough but I don't know if Spider-Girl is enough to compel me to get her. Spider-Woman would've been the more enticing choice for me(we are in dire need of an update picture).

Forget the left arm which is Electro. It wouldn't' come out once snapped in.
She holds the biggest piece of Ultimate Green Goblin but just like a couple of figures from this set, she really lacks accessories. She has her whip/hook but other than that no alternate hands or head. Honestly, she needs a few variant accessories. This lack of is probably one of her cons as a figure.

No doubt about it! She is a great looking figure! One of the things I must compliment about her is that her face looks great! Not a lot of female figures can be in that same notion though as Hasbro has dished out some atrocious looking ladies! But Felicia is indeed a beauty! The mold of her body is enamoring! The detail that screams Black Cat! It looks like the comic book figure no doubt! The paint lacks in some areas like her black suit, but then again from my knowledge she does wear latex so the black having no shading and depending on lighting to be its detail doesn't look so bad.

Now articulation is where Felicia suffers greatly. This mold does adhere to the more voluptuous femme fatale and no doubt will be recycled by Hasbro for good reasons(Moonstone is the first use of this mold from what Shartimus Prime mentioned). However the one thing is that certain areas lack articulation. Perhaps it will only be an issue on Black Cat, but the hips don't have a wide 'spread joint'… which insinuates that PERVERTS SHAME ON YOU for trying. She has no wrist articulation for up and down movements. Then we have her biggest articulation flaw: her head movement!

It's the hair! I know. Which is why I stand firm on the idea that perhaps Hasbro should've implemented some sort of variant head with the hair in a 'dynamic' pose. But that would've taken more space than needed I suppose. Some alternate hands would've sufficed since her slashing hand doesn't really concurs to what she can do in the comics. Perhaps alternate hands with longer claws?

Felicia isn't the easiest to stand either because of her heels. She does have peg holes on the bottom of her feet so perhaps that makes up for it, but I don't have stands like that for now so I don't think it helps me out that much at all. But she's standing in display right now so I don't have that much complaint. Posing her for poses though did have its mishaps.

So Black Cat is a good catch. For sure she is a must to complete the set. As a fan of Black Cat she is a must for me since I never bought her other ML aberrations from Toybiz's days(I have the Animated series version figure and the Diamond Select; then of course the Bishoujo). So in conclusion, Black Cat is a testament of a beautiful looking figure but suffers moderately in the articulation department. There are some ways to get around the qualms I had but again, perhaps with a bit more improvement with this mold Hasbro will one day dish out a PERFECT female figure(Spider-Woman in this mold please?!). Still a great catch though. Kitty cat does look good… =P

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