Friday, January 17, 2014

ML Ultimate Green Goblin BAF: Electro

The third line up of my Amazing Spider-Man 2 Ultimate Green Goblin BAF is none other than the movie version of Electro(played by Jamie Fox)! Again, not that keen on this look and the first time I saw this figure I was underwhelmed but having the figure, I say it's a lot higher on the scaling points than I originally thought! Why is that?

The box! Yes! Pushing all sarcasm aside, it is a really good new look for the Marvel Legends. If I buy enough I'll get sick of them too.

Compared to the other two I have opened, Elector has the most accessories with an alternate pair of hands AND a variant head! Again I'm impressed that Hasbro is taking some advice from the imports with these variant heads and hands! Of course this one comes with the flame affect and the left arm of Ultimate Green Goblin.

Now although well sculpted, Electro has very little to offer in the pain department. He is wearing pretty much all black leather so the only paint shading one gets are the 'electricity' affects on him. His head is bright blue, signifying that he is made up of entirely energy. Then of course the insipidness of all black as one can see! Surely makes his head stick out like a candle light.

The hand variations can be easily seen but the head variations are a little harder to see. So here's a bad close up picture/s. One head is calm and bright blue while the other one is emanating energy while still being bright blue.

Articulation is pretty standard along with the other figures. Every single joint complies to get him to an adequate posture that would mimic all the classic Elector poses I remember from comic books. Though how he would be in the movie, I think he flies a lot and phases in electricity form far too often or something like that.

Again the electric variants for hands does add more presence of Electro! Great job on that Hasbro! I'm really impressed with the thought on that!

While he is a figure lacking some better style of outfit and devoid of colors, his accessories makes up for it enough! Again he stood above my expectation of him and with a very standard and compliant articulation, there isn't much to hate on this figure. Amazing? No. Mundane, not really! At the very least if one is interested in building Ultimate Green Goblin, Electro here has a piece so one has to get him! 

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