Friday, January 17, 2014

ML Ultimate Green Goblin BAF: Beetle

The second character I opened up for the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF which is the Ultimate Beetle. Okay it's time to say that I know almost close to NOTHING about Beetle in the 616 Universe of Marvel. To top that off, I know EVEN less about the Ultimate adaptation of this said character. But I will say is that his design is a bit more to my liking. Maybe the Silver Centurion colors? who knows.

Yes, the box, great! There is a variant figure to Beetle which is Boomerang. He looks okay enough but I probably will pass on him since Beetle is the one I really want and got.

It's a shame in regards to accessories that he doesn't get alternate hands like some of the other figures do. He gets the detachable wings and of course the left foot BAF piece of Ultimate Green Goblin. Kind of a 'meh' if you ask me.

Detail wise? I like the color a lot! I mean the work added on his mold does add the feel of it being armor. Of course with his wings he looks so much better!

Side profile conveys more of the details. Again wings adds more look to him.

And the back for sure NEEDS the wings on!

Articulation is almost as good as the details with this guy. I mean it does have the basics and posing him is lots of fun! Standing him is even easier because his feet provides enough stability. There are certain things about his costume designs that hinders a few of his movements which does add a minor bummer affect here and there. Shoulder bumps and his wings are the major culprits for articulation hinderance but again, it's not that big of a deal since there will be ways to get around it! I mean getting him to flying or "I'll blast you bzzzzzzz!" poses is a cake! Having alternate hands would've came in very handy(punnnn!) but it's not super important I think. Still got a pretty versatile figure.

Got a good figure and another piece to Ultimate Green Goblin, I'd say not bad. Again I wasn't expecting Ultimate Beetle to deliver as much as he did but he did! Again lacking accessories and some articulation hinderance, but overall I am elated to have him! 

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