Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ML Ultimate Green Goblin BAF: Amazing Spider-Man

Four pieces out of six in my grasp! Amazing Spider-Man is going to lead the charge on my review. But let me just say right now before I continue, I am absolutely surprised with how good this figure is!

Again I think this will be the new trend with Hasbro's Marvel Legends boxes. Just like the Captain America Mandroid BAF piece I reviewed, the new box is indeed something to fancy over. It's open friends, the embossed pictures and logos are quite nice and one is able to see the figure and the piece that comes with him rather easily.

Speaking of the piece, Spidey comes with Ultimate Green Goblin's right arm and the flame affect. the accessories are two alternate hands: fists and web hands. This is where I will praise Hasbro for their efforts on getting some influence from import toys! With Hasbro not being very keen with finger articulation like Toybiz was, it would be behoove of them to have alternate hands to go along with their toys! I mean just with the few Figmas and Playarts Kai toy reviews I did, having alternates adds more fun factor to the action figure! More pose options equals more fun factor! I mean it might not be as much as what the imports supply but for the price I paid for these figures, it's something to praise! That and the flame affects makes the entire piece a bit more enamoring! So good job on that Hasbro! Keep it up!

So I'm going to be honest when we move on towards the details: I don't like this new costume. Okay so it's classic Spider-Man! It looks like the comic book counterpart so what's there to not like? Well, truth to be told I stopped being a huge fan of Spidey's outfit a long time ago. I appreciate the nostalgia, but it's just not my favorite so with that said, I like the first suit in Amazing Spider-Man a whole lot better! It was a new take on the suit and separates him from McGuire Spider-Man. Apparently there was a backlash from fans so we get a more classic look for the new movie. The symbol is the only thing 'distinct' about it. As a figure, it's good. Lines are sculpted in there as well as the Spider-Man insignia on the front and the back. It's a good sculpted figure, again the suit is what irks me.

Now the articulation is what we are all going for right now and let me just say, this figure is FUN to pose! There are a lot of things this figure offers! A LOT! It is a definitive of a good(not expensive) Spider-Man figure! Minus the finger articulation, this figure basically took what Toybiz Spidey's were mostly good for in the articulation department and then put the fancier paint and voila! We have this Spider-Man! I mean…

That's just a warmer up too.

And I barely scratched the surface with what this figure can do. I don't have the proper accessories like the webbing to make more Spidey famous poses, but hell, just with what I have it does well enough. This Spider-Man is also joint friendly so suffice to say, it's easy to pose him around with whatever one can think of.

Yes, that is an old Toybiz Spider-Man action figure for the Spider-Man 2 line.
So in conclusion, while I'm not the biggest fan of this 'new' suit, the action figure offers a lot. While just being the first, I just want to say that there is high hopes for this BAF. With above mediocre painting, a new mold, alternate hands, and great and friendly articulation, it's definitely a huge improvement from the last few Spider-Man related action figures that Hasbro has been dishing out. 

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