Thursday, January 2, 2014

ML Mandroid BAF: Captain America (Marvel NOW)

A Marvel Legend came to my stocking courtesy of Santa(Well, we know what happened but let's stick to the Fat Man stuffing my stocking with wonderful toys, shall we?)! I first heard about the new Marvel Legends of 2014 that is paying homage to the Winter Soldier movie way back when. There were only a couple of figures I was interested in, this guy wasn't one of them but here we are with him! So let's scrutinize this guy, shall we?

Right off the get go one can truly see the distinct new box of the Marvel Legends series. It's rather compact, got rid of wasted space, and it's very friendly to the collectors who want to open their action figure. From what I have seen through photos and videos, the Amazing Spider-Man 2(MUST HAVE) has the same box as well. One thing to point out with the box is that the Legends are called 'Infinite Series' which gets me to surmise that this is their new Movie concurring line perhaps? Guess I'll just have to wait when the Jubilee BAF comes out to see what that one is called as well.

As I said, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this Captain America as much as I am right now. To point out about the detail, let's just say that it is very well done. Being the "Marvel Now" Captain America costume(about time he got an update!), it does look identical to his comic book counterpart. Now not to delve TOO MUCH into comic books, the costume is highly influenced by the 2012 Avengers costume. Which I had no specific qualms with that suit or the First Avenger outfit at all. In fact to me it does bring a much more modern take on a costume that just doesn't suit the day and age(or even back then). So well done on Marvel for the redesign. Putting it into action figure taste doesn't look too bad as well! Wonderful sculpting with the ridges, his armor 'plating', the wrinkles in his suit, so on and so on. Though I did get a slight pain distortions here and there, but I can't complain.

Accessory wise he lacks. He has his shield as he should and the Mandroid BAF head piece(ambivalent about building him by the way). I want some interchangeable hands or maybe an unmasked head variant as some of the new legends seems to come with. Nothing much on this department though.

Articulation in these action figures are becoming more and more manageable for those who like to do dynamic poses. Though I had a bit of trouble with the stiff left shoulder joint; caused me to wrestle with it for a bit so the left bicep swivel is rather loose now, but with that minor debacle, it still turned out okay. Again, I won't and can't complain about articulation because as I stated, it's getting good and just getting better; now there is still much an eastern articulated toy can offer in terms of articulation(and details, paint, etc.) but for the price of norm retail action figures these guys ask for, it's something to hold worthy. Though pretty soon Hasbro will have to hand out much more zestful accessories like stands, dynamic stands, or perhaps do something much more innovative with articulation to keep up with the on going collector needs.

Again some dynamic special affect like bullets hitting his shield can't hurt! It'll add flavor to this figure which is only pretty much a standard type of display action figure.

My three Captain Americas that are out of the packaging. Again all Hasbro made and all pretty recent. Between the Bucky Cap, Captain Rogers, and this new Captain America, this one is my new favorite First Avenger action figure in my game room.

A very good Captain America action figure. I didn't have high expectations for him so he impressed me rather than met my standards. Fervent Cap fans will love this figure and those who are into BAF collecting, I think this series has something to offer. The BAF character may not be my favorite(movie version of Mandroid) but some of the characters in the series does help add more ammunition to one's Marvel themed collection! And if that's the theme, Captain America is always a must in the roster since he IS the Superman of Marvel.

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