Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day: The Patriots

Some patriotism to give some sort of appreciation for both the notion of what this day is about and of course to the joy of being part of this hobby. So with that said, this is Hasbro Legends Iron Patriot and Hasbro Legends Captain America(Post Civil War/Bucky Cap).

Red, White, and Silver!

Stars and Stripes and useless Cannon that I never fired off in the movie super move!!! But let's not delve into the politics of what "Iron Patriot" didn't do in the movie. We'll see if "Winter Soldier" does anything Captain America like in the next Cap movie.

Bishoujo Wonder Woman
And just so we aren't too much in to the testosterone libido, let's add in the Wonderful Bishoujo adaptation of Wonder Woman. For an Amazon, she sure has no qualms sporting the red white and blue on her undergarments. 

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