Saturday, February 1, 2014

ML Ultimate Green Goblin BAF: Carnage

The final piece of the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF! Cletus Kassidy! The one and only CARNAGE! Honestly I wasn't as excited for this figure like a lot of people were. For some reason I just didn't want another Carnage figure as much as I would've preferred other characters who haven't received the light of day. But somehow… this one had a touch that I didn't expect it to have. So let's have it then.

I like how red he is and he sticks out of the box with that color. The back shows that he is another one that will get a variant named "Toxin". Not too fond of that version of Toxin so I'll just pass on that.

And Carnage is one of the other pieces of the BAF that did not get a lot of care in regards to accessories. The tendril affect is the only thing he has going for him and that is rather disappointing since Carnage can morph his hands to any weapon he sees fit. That would've been rather cool if they added that in for him like an axe or a blade for interchangeable hands! Hasbro dropped the ball on this department for Carnage. And he comes with Green Goblin's head and flame affect.

Detail wise, it's a good looking figure. The paint job isn't extraordinary but the red and the clash of the black does concur well. He is an exact replica of the Carnage I remember from Maximum Carnage(comic book saga and the game). Though I did wish that the black tendrils or the symbiotic distortion are sculpted in rather than painted in like the old Amazing Spider-Man Carnage. But I suppose the black paint does fit this one well and it's not as messy looking as the other Carnage I'm comparing this one to.

His articulation is pretty smooth since this mold is pretty good in this department. He has all the great movements that collectors like myself can't really complain about but Toybiz still did very well with the finger articulation that added more exuberance in posing characters! And with Carnage missing variant hands, he is pretty limited in what he can actually do! I mean how awesome would it be to have him have his trademark axe or some kind of blade protruding out of his hands?! Going back to the idea of articulation, how about jaw articulation?! That would be something that fits the symbioses of the Marvel universe!

The classic rivalry that got a bit redundant at times because it was always Carnage… Venom… Carnage… VENOM! And… it got predictable. But these two are great in scale and awesome figures individually!

Maximum Carnage(s)! These are the other two Carnages I have in my possession. Both are the same mold and practically the same figures but altered slightly. The on the left is part of the Spider-man Origins line that Hasbro came out with and I think(minus the face) it's a great update of the Carnage on the right; it needs less black though. In contrast with the new Carnage, all three have their pros and cons. I think today's Carnage has a little bit more to offer.

Overall this is a good Carnage figure. Being the last piece of the BAF, I'd say this set is an overall success. They have their ups and downs individually but I will stand firm that Hasbro has made a vast improvement and with the variants actually coming out, I'd say they actually started listening to their fans! Speaking for just Carnage now, add in some accessories and he would've been a more than fantastic figure! But all in all, I like him. He impressed me far more than I thought he would! A must for any Venom fan so that Mr. Brock would have his most dangerous rival.

Coming up of course is the Green Goblin… my first BAF of 2014!

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