Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kotobukiya: Asuka Langley Shikinami

Asuka oh Asuka! I needed a statue of you so I came across the Kotobukiya adaptation of you. Now Kotobukiya is responsible for Bishoujos which I adore as well so naturally I wanted to give their other lines a try and well, Asuka my girl you get the first draw.

Right off the get go the box is what's different about his line. It's made out of transparent hard plastic and the designs are quite sharp aesthetically. For sure the most unique box I have had in a while and the transparency allows one to truly see the figure and all her beauty.

Asuka comes with 2 accessories: Her stand and her helmet. Being used to the Bishoujo lines, stands are usually firmly attached to the statue; for Asuka's case, not so much. Literally Asuka 'sits' on the said stand which could be somewhat of a task(miniscule one) to get her to properly adjusted. Looking closely at the stand, one can definitely tell that it is none other than a sculpted bust of Eva unit 2. Its grayish tint definitely insinuates that its a rock of some sort; detailed adequately to symbolize her beloved Eva. Given color it would probably have a very vibrant and impeccable representation of my favorite Evangelion.

Then there's her 'helmet'. I have yet to watch Evangelion 3.33 so I have NO IDEA what's her helmet for. It's got a unique design and it has cat-like features to it. Painted well and I assume sculpted just as accurately. Asuka holds it with her right hand but very loosely so more often than not I found it falling off her grip. Pretty heavy little thing too.

As for the figure itself, I have to say that it really does a fine job to capture Asuka's sensual self without being too provocative with sexuality like a lot of her statues implement(and by the way, she is more than of age in 3.33 so… yeah. Before in the original series it was a forbidden ordinance since she was only 14!!!). Don't get me wrong, Asuka is seen sexual by many fans out there, but overall she isn't like that. She concurs that she is attracting, she has a body, so on and so on… but overly sexual? Not her character. So this statue does a fine job with her very 'bitchy' self insinuated in the posture while giving it a rather sexy feel without truly getting too perverted.

Her details are astounding! I'm not trying to say this in a bad way but being Kotobukiya I am not OVERLY astonished because I KNOW they make great statues. So am I happy? Yes. But again, I already knew I would be with my rapport with their Bishoujo. She has a vibrant red to her that still adheres to her anime colors. Hair has a great auburn tint to it and it becomes slightly brighter at the tip and almost having the translucent affect but not as obvious as X-Force Psylocke's in the Bishoujo line.

Well that's a rather enamoring piece of behind if I do say so myself. What I mean is that it is a great sculpt all the way from back to front, from head to toes. Nothing insinuates perversion at all!

Overall it's a great catch. While I wait impatiently for the US release of 3.33 I can say that I have some good paraphernalia of the said movie with the Evangelions I acquired this past few. It was only a matter of time until I get an Asuka related statue and Kotobukiya was the prime pick. I'm 100% happy that I have this statue and I must say that she is a perfect way to start off the valentine's month! Asuka fans who are also into collecting statues will be happy to have her in your set! I bought her for a good deal but she usually cost a hefty price. Honestly, either price would suffice but a better deal is always for the best! But to be redundant, saving a few bucks or paying the 'retail' price, Asuka Langley Shikinami in Kotobukiya's care is an awesome addition!

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