Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bishoujo: X-Force Psylocke

Well, it's been a while since I have had one of these! First of the year and what a way to truly own up to the Bishoujo line than getting Psylocke! I thought she would be a 2013, but instead she became a 2014 steal!!!! VERY ELATED to have her in my game room! There is a classic Psylocke in Bishoujo form where the blue 'kunoichi' outfit adorns her alluring stature. That one is asking for a dollar amount that is far too heavy considering this one BLOWS the other one away by miles! While I don't have the other one, just from pictures alone, this one is for sure far more enamoring in many different ways! Why?

If I was to point out one thing that stands out right away(and that's hard because this statue is just damn hott) it's the pose. Now it's not the MAIN reason why this figure is hott and personally now my favorite Marvel Bishoujo; if anything, it just accentuates the statue's hottnes! But that pose… I know she's a ninja that just landed and ready to cut someone's throat to comply with the X-Force's clandestine killing operation, HOWEVER, she just did it the sexy way!

Kotobukiya lived up to its past reputation and work with X-Force Psylocke. The detail itself is astounding even to the stand itself. The pagoda and oriental like theme with the stand is a good selection for this lovely kuboichi.

And this view is…. erm… yeah… well it's a good sculpt. Look at the detail on the shine on her… outfit. Look at the nice fix of her sheathe! And yeah, I suppose looking at her nicely toned behind is a rather great view. I guess it's a minor perk for taking the picture like this I suppose.

Top view gives us more of a chance to see the minor detail put into the stand. The combination of rocks and snow just makes it adequate for the ambiance this whole piece is trying to capture.

Of course Bishoujos never fail to impress me with their anime influenced beauties. Well, Psylocke isn't hard to depict as anime since it is a British Psychic transferred over to a femme fatale's body who happens to be a hott kunoichi! So with that, they got Psylocke's new face with beauty as well as a lethal tone to her! The fluidness of her hair too and with the translucent tips adds far more exuberance in her overall aesthetics too! Pure beauty!

Overall, she is a good catch. Worth the wait since I preordered her from some time back. I have to say that for now, she is indeed my favorite Marvel Bishoujo. Nothing against Elektra, Black Cat, X-23, and Black Widow! They are all enamoring Bishoujos to say the least! Something about Psylocke that makes her the most attracting one out of all of them! Probably because she is probably pretty high up there as my Marvel heroine! 

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