Friday, August 8, 2014

Bishoujo: Spider-Woman (SDCC 2014 exclusive metallic color)

I am very loved as I mentioned before! I may not have made it to SDCC 2014 for a myriad of reasons, but here I am with this exclusive Bishoujo Spider-Woman statue! Now just to bring it out now: the ONLY difference that she has from the other Bishoujo Spider-Woman is literally her paint job, and THAT'S it! So for those who are contemplating which one to buy and have a budget, go with the original Bishoujo. It's about $20 cheaper! BUT... as for me, I'm a Jessica Drew fan through and through!

Okay so there is a notable difference aside from the shiny costume: the SDCC 2014 label on top of the box! I'm not going to flaunt it since I didn't exactly GO to SDCC 2014. Everything in the box was the same in the original Bishoujo so I'm moving on.

I don't have the words to truly describe her because my other post did it for me in regards to posture, sensuality, and base and all that. For this segment, I'll just let the pictures do their magic!

Just comparing the two, it's almost safe to say that the difference is not grand, but definitely the paint job does add a flare. Both are still fantastic for the same reasons and for those who aren't into shiny paint, the original Bishoujo does its job!

Masked version looks amazing as well! That shine does look sensual!

Now for the unmasked version, I'll just say that everything is the same in terms of changing her face. The base still has the holder for the alternate face. Though admittedly I like the shiny version with the mask a little better.

Her face is indeed pretty. She looks the same as her unshiny version! But again the flare of having her masked is what I LOVE about this variant.

That's just a bit of comparing. Man this statue looks damn good!!!!

Well, so far this is all the Spider-Woman paraphernalia that I own(there is one more, but she's a bit too tied up to display). I can't wait to own the upcoming Marvel Legends from hasbro! So at any rate, that's that for my Spider-Woman rush! On to other things for this month's collecting then!!! Oh before I do forget though:

Jessica Drew will be staring in her own new series with  another 'spider-gal' named: Silk.... Well let's see what pans out of this but in the mean time, I'd love a Spider-Woman comic book!


  1. In this case shinier is better. Both statues look absolutely gorgeous however. They both most definitely belong in your game room. You are after all Ms. Drew's biggest fan. =)

    1. Jessica Drew would be so proud of me! xD