Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ML Jubilee BAF: Stryfe

Well there was a turn of event that didn't concur with this post I had not too long ago. I got three out of the five Marvel Legends since the scalpers ransacked all the Storms and Magneto. Truly, this is what I hate about this hobby! For people like me who don't have the inkling to make ANY money at all but just get my share, I get screwed(dreading the day the Spider-Woman Hasbro Legends comes out) because these guys purchase a dozen of a certain popular toy and then sell it off for 100% plus the original price! Well I for one am trying my best NOT to fall for them again. Well at any rate, that's going to be it in this section in terms of venting. Let's move on to the figure.

Hasbro's infamous new packaging! Looks pretty, easy to tarnish and grab the said figure and replace! Well there really isn't too much to say about this box except for the "Toys R Us" exclusive and the Wolverine art on the side. Big surprise. Wolverine is the MOST popular X-Men so it's only right that he is going to be the art cover. I'm pretty sure he is consistent for the rest of the other four. So now moving on to the rest of the details.

So the details on him are great! Definitely some new sculpting on him with those gauntlets, the greaves, the chest armor, and that belt/loin cloth along with the cape! The mold is foreign to me and probably belongs to the huskier characters that I do not own like Luke Cage or the new Drax, the face however reminds me of one of my Wolverines with a few extra 'ears' to go with it. Truthfully, it's a pretty good mold. The cape on the other hand is stiff and doesn't articulate so... a bit of a step back to me. Paint job is decent and it's what expected from Hasbro.

Since it is a BAF set, Stryfe comes with Jubilee's head and her firepower affects(Vampires hate light, so why does she have her powers back?!). He also comes with this 'sword' which we'll scrutinize later. But am I the only one who finds it peculiar that he comes with Jubilee's head?!

Alright so what is that sword that Jon Snow gave Arya? Was it called 'needle'? Well, someone gave Stryfe a needle. Look at this thing! For a guy who looks intimidating he has a blade the size of Arya Stark's! That and I may have missed a few pages of comics when Stryfe was more popular but, did he ever carry a sword? That and while the sword has some good sculpting, it's pretty plain. I think Apocalypse's head is on the hilt but I don't really know. Maybe some paint detail could've helped the sword have a bit more 'flare' to it. Anyways moving on.

Minus the chest armor, Stryfe has the standard modern Hasbro articulation. The shoulder pads do hinder his arms from moving up. The cape also does its own deterring to which I excepted with just how grand and flat the said cape is. Seriously, there should be something done with capes nowadays to add more zest to them rather than a flat piece of plastic with some sculpting. The rest of him though like I said is modern and good enough. Though some affects would be rather nice sine he is the clone of Cable! Some telekinetic special effects that can connect to his head would be asking too much though since it is the western company we are talking to here. I bet it was pulling teeth just to get Jubilee to have some kind of affects on her. That and that sword...

See wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of flame or energy affect coming out of his hand for this shot? Anyways, all in all I like this figure. I don't have a Cable figure to compare him with, but this is what I do have. From my knowledge this is the first Stryfe toy since the 90s that we have had! Great articulation, pretty good sculpting, and aesthetically adequate, I'd say he is a win figure. That and for anyone wanting to build Jubilee, he is kind of a must. 

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