Thursday, February 20, 2014

ML Sentinel BAF: Black Panther

Another piece of the Sentinel BAF comes prowling in and it's none other than the king of Wakanda: Black Panther! So without any need for further intros, let's dive right into the figure and all its contents, shall we?

Toybiz classic box, we all know this. Still a task to pry this thing open but it does keep the toy inside safe and sound for years and years to come.

I will go into a bit more details about the Panther figure comparison since I have two, but I will state this early on that I prefer this figure way more and not because I have a little bit more bias with what Toybiz had offered in the past but because it's just a better figure. First it is a Black Panther! What I mean is the colors adheres to the name that T'Challa's hero identity refers to, and no I'm not just flaunting the idea of the name and the color but the fact that this Black Panther has cape, the gold details on his claws, wrist, belt, and cloak… of course the details on the said cloak along with the mask is fantastic! The mold of course is more than adequate, loving this classic Toybiz detail!

Just like the first review of this BAF, it comes with a stand, a comic book, and a Sentinel BAF piece which is the arm! And not to tangent off towards the incomplete Sentinel, I do want to say that this BAF figure is fantastic just with the two pieces I have. Articulated tentacles! Eat that Constrictor!

His articulation is standard base from Toybiz's well known Legends. He has the finger articulation, the abs, etc. He even has the ankle articulation(minor) but it is still there. The cape doesn't do as much hinderance as one might think from how it looks; it does its justice well enough.

Most/all Toybiz figures come with a hole in the back to allow their trademark stand to Though it leaves a gaping hole on the back of the figure, it does deter the annoying 'clamp' fiasco that most stands I have deal with. It makes dynamic action pose a bit more doable. Part of the reason why I love Toybiz stands; their only downfall is that they are only adequate for Toybiz toys(for the most part).

Between this Black Panther and the one from the Rocket Raccoon BAF, I have to say that my dibs goes on the this one for a myriad of reasons. First it's the added details of the gold, the cape, finger articulation, better sculpting, a better BAF, the stand, and yes, the color.  While I truly do like the Hasbro Black Panther, I still feel like Toybiz has a lot more to offer. That and I'm a bigger fan of the cloaked costume with the whole regal ambiance emanating off of him.

In conclusion, I think if one doesn't have the Black Panther from Hasbro, this one is a must to complete one's Avenger line ups. But if one is truly a huge Black Panther fan then both is a must. Honestly, I could've done without the Black Panther of today and just give that roster to another character(Spider-Woman?!) since the Toybiz one isn't so bad at all. But, I have both and I can honestly say 100% that Toybiz won this character as well.

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