Friday, July 19, 2013

Marvel Legens: Random Villains #2

I hate this figure. I hate this character. With vehemence. Nothing about this character is anywhere enticing. While I am well aware that there are other detestable characters that Marvel has created, I will say that me checking out of the retail store with this guy in my hands and not X-23 Marvel Legends(They have yet to make one. Boo) makes me cringe with anger. This guy came with the Terrax BAF Series.

There is something to say about villains like Constrictor and Omega Red with 'tentacles' as their weapon. Honestly, I dig this guy. Costume isn't the most spectacular thing around, but it makes sense. I would fathom he is trying to be a 'snake' like villain or what not so suffice to say, so constricting would be his forte. This figure has a sinister smile and all(almost devious if you ask me), the articulation rocks, and he did come with a piece of Terrax. One gripe I do have with this figure is that his tentacle lacks the proper articulation for something that is suppose to bind and constrict(boo). But, happy with this guy! Terrax BAF series.

There was a time when Spider-Man toybiz came in abundance! Some came good, some came in horrendous display and functions, luckily for me, this Carnage is just plain badass. He looks nefarious but still somewhat 'up to something'. His articulation allows for a lot of 'spider' like pose and he can do whatever a spider can. Sadly, I have yet to explore the full possibility but I would surmise I will. Great paint job as well. From the Amazing Spider-Man toybiz line.

I talked about this guy already a bit. Honeslty, the least favorite out of the series but he actually came out not too bad. I thought I would detest him even more considering how hard he was to find and how long it took me to finish the set because of him. Being a Hank Pym creation and having a recently abhorrent saga based off of him(Age of Ultron aka "A.U."), this guy isn't on top of a lot of people's list in regards to badass villain. But at least the figure is cool. Iron Monger BAF series.

Spiral is a unique character and probably the 'shiva' of the Marvel Universe. Having her past linked with Psylocke, I've always had my eyes set on this gal for some time. Her toy adaptation came out decent and unique. Having six arms in a small stature of a figure does make it complicating but this one pulled it off nicely enough. I wish she came with more swords, but no real major complaints. Her helmet was a pain to keep on so I just super glued it on her head. Truth to be told, I love this figure. Articulation has some hinderance because of the three arms on each side, but that's expected with that many limbs. Rulk BAF series.

This gal has a very convoluted story that I didn't delve into. Basically, her name 'Danger' came from the  idea that she IS the machine that made the X-Men's danger room the way it was. The Danger room itself was an advance technology capable of many feats. Guess there was an artificial intelligence in there that rebelled. Sure. As a figure, pretty good. Too bad her posture is hindered by her wings. Take it off and she is lacking that special 'thing'. From the Brood BAF series.

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