Friday, August 9, 2013

Marvel Legends BAF: Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Racoon Series: Black Panther, Hawkeye, Wrecker, Jean Grey, Scarlet Spider
So a question... Who is the BAF in this picture? I mean, it does say "Rocket Raccoon" but, it seems that Wrecker is the most fitting one of the bunch! Since the return of Marvel Legends under Hasbro, the figure to be built has lost a tremendous amount of 'stature'. Now don't get me wrong, Terrax was a great BAF in my opinion, but with waves like Hit Monkey and now Rocket Raccoon? Suffice it to say, I think we are going for the smaller characters to be built. That and I'm not going into the 'drama' of Marvel Legends ending only to adhere to Movie releases for their BAFs; though Jubilee? Hm. But anyways, moving on to this little guy over here!

Now Terrax isn't the biggest of the BAFs that Hasbro and Toybiz has made but he looks gargantuan compared to Rocket Raccoon. Simply put, the ravenous space furball is barely 3 inches, I believe! This picture right here should really drive that point across. Now I am probably guestimating in regards to actual size, but hey! I'm close I would surmise!

I didn't know what to expect in regards to articulation. I had a feeling it would be able to at least move considering how small he is, but I knew there were going to be some downers. I wasn't far from the truth since the little guy DOES have the  shoulder, elbow, bicep swivel, wrist swivel, head moves, tail moves, and the mouth moves. Now you don't get too many lip moving Marvel Legend BAFs these days, but the norm is that the legs does move! Rocket Raccoon's legs stays stagnant. In fact, standing this bad boy up is impossible with the use of his tail!

But who is Rocket Raccoon without a gun that has a ... rocket in it? That's correct! He does have an accessory in the form of a gun! His tiny hands are molded so that he can be ambidextrous! And he is also given the perk of holding this gun with both hands. Gives him a few more postures to adhere to, I suppose. Though I would prefer if they at least gave him two guns so that dual wielding would make him a bit more dangerous looking. I don't know too much about this guy nor am I familiar with his trademark guns(if any), though I would assume battling up in space, two guns would be a bit prudent in certain scenarios. Just guessing again.

At the end of the day, I'm not going to flat out say that I am 100% pleased with this guy, but hasbro didn't let me down completely. The figures that came with him is what matter in the end, I suppose. Though if Hasbro is ending the famous BAF on the Marvel Legends line so that they can concur with the movie, I would think bigger and badder characters would be a bit more on the smart side. Still missing the waves of Apocalypse, Sentinel(going to finish, ONE DAY), and Giant Man who are colossal in size! Oh well. Shouldn't complain, right?

or should I complain? Can't even see him in this mixture of Marvel Heroes! Oh and speaking of which, one of the rare 'Hero' BAF that I own. Rulk being the other one.

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