Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marvel Legends BAF: Apocalypse

Apocalypse Series: Sasquatch, Iron Fist, Bishop, X-23, Maestro, Wolverine
Toybiz is one of the most respected Legend Maker for Marvel. one can concur just why with the line ups they had during their glory days! Waves and waves of Marvel characters came out of Toybiz! A lot of them are even 'underground' heroes/villain that may never see the light of day again through Hasbro! For some of us, these figures are long gone and can only be attained by forking out some SERIOUS cash! Some of us practiced prudence and bought them while they were about; some passed and regret it now, others are still hunting. Suffice to say, I may be a bit on the background and not so much in the front lines, but dare I say I do have Apocalypse; one of the first of the BAF(build a figure) series; or if I'm not mistaken, he could very be the first, but my knowledge on that may be obscure however it doesn't take away that it was a good catch!

He was inside the box for the longest time. Well, his pieces anyways(The Return of Marvel Legends) and it was one of those that I have been ambivalent about in regards to either open or not to open. Took me a good five to six years to finally make that decision, but finally getting THE Game Room that I will own, it's only right that I finally put this big guy together. So HOW massive is he?

Gargantuan!!!! What? Not a good enough picture? Okay, let's make him more 'sinister' shall we?

Okay I can say that using that as a comparison is not necessary, but I like to keep my preferences influential.

Clearly standing next to a few hulks and seeing how he towers them, it's pretty obvious that he has some height advantage. Rightfully so since Apocalypse has the ability to change his size on the whim(along with a myriad of other lethal powers and abilities). Makes a great addition to my rogue of 'villains' and lost Hulks. Okay so maybe Sasquatch, Black Knight, and a few others may not be complete villains, but again... depends on what perspective.

I mean, I would think you are a villain if you were trying to take Spider-Woman away from me since she is nice and snug in her 'PJs'. Wait, wasn't I supposed to be talking about Apocalypse and not this?

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