Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DC Collectibles: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

This was an unexpected toy to come my way and it was for a very frugal price! Frugal and VERY welcome to have in my collection. This is the New 52 Harley Quinn who is part of a group called: Suicide Squad. For her costume, it's not my favorite though the theme of her being a female jester does fit rather well! Let's move on then.

So this one definitely is tailored for the Suicide Squad team; not so interested in the other figures in this line for sure. The box design is familiar as well so nothing to gawk at at all. Though it's a good box if one really wants to keep her mint.

Details on this figure is well done and I have to say even if I am not the biggest fan of her New 52 outfit, I do say that this has an incredible likeness to it! The one thing I would say is that the face doesn't entirely capture Harley's 'cute-psycho' attractiveness, though it's not horrendous. What truly makes this figure for me thug his the colors and the vibrant red and blue combination that truly makes her pale skin stick out! The mold on its own seems a bit on the 'muscular' side for Harley; a little lankier(but endowed) frame would probably be far more adequate. Again it's not bad, just not the Harley I know from the animated series and the Arkham games.

Harley's accessories are indeed signature weapons but in terms of details and wow factor it comes off as 'meh'. Not badly sculpted but really lacking some designs or even variation on the pain job. I would think for her hammer at least they would make it whimsical and Harley like instead of an insipid looking one. The guns could use a bit more flare but they are certainly far better than her mallet.

Articulation wise? Definitely its weakest link! The articulation reminds me of some of the toys I had way back in the mid 90's, though slightly better! It has a few things that older figures didn't have like bicep swivel, thigh swivel, and the pigtail swivel(yes! Hair articulation!), but she lacks certain things like ankle pivot, wrist movement, abdomen crunch and swivel, and so much more! Action poses are so limited with her that it's kind of lackluster for such a great looking figure! It's even hard to get Harley to get into poses that she would be known for like some kind of sensual but psycho stance with her mallet or something! Her arms don't reach enough so she can have some kind of crazy pose with them either.

Best that could be done with such an articulation mobility!

All in all she isn't a bad figure. I'm definitely glad I have her and for the price that she cost, no complaints! No need to complain at all! She makes a good addition to my Harley Quinn figures! Though truly she made more sense as a statue than anything else(makes me wonder why I didn't put my Bishoujo on display here... oh well). 

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