Sunday, April 28, 2013

Damsel Of The Month:

Art by: LostOneZero

Name: April O'Neil

Series/Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Some Words: April is probably very easily considered one of the MAIN gateway D.I.D. preference for a couple of generations. She was practically a bondage mascot when she was gallivanting as the Turtles' female 'insider' and a thorn to Shredder and the Foot Clan's ever so despicable plans! Fortunately(for April's case it would swing to the notion of unfortunately) she isn't very discreet with her yellow 'reporter' apparel and getting herself in a bind is much a norm and there were almost numerous times that her bondage scenes were consecutive episode after episode. Hell, some episodes she'd have more than one distress scene!!! 

Left Art by: LostOneZero / Right Art by: daikinbakuju

There is no denying that April is a pretty good candidate to take one of the top five slots in bondage libido(Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Penelope Pitstop are probably high on that list as well). There are many reasons for that bold statement of mine: Gagged in a myriad of ways, sat in a chair with ropes many of times and adding all the numerous times on the chair could be flabbergasting, have felt different postures of being tied and performed rather well in her futile struggles, have 'mmmmphhed' so much that even the turtles can understand some of her muffled talk, and of course let us not forget the fact that she just PUTS herself in danger out of gullibility and sometimes stupidity! 

Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter, and a few other villains of the Turtles have had the honor to pay her most prominent role some homage by applying the ropes and gags and of course using her as bait. Or perhaps because she is a snooping reporter, they just merely put her in a distressing death peril scenario only to be rescued and kidnapped again for another day. It's a perpetuating and rather alluring cycle that the Turtles have no qualms of entertaining for some reason(hint;wink;hint!)

Of course the Turtles' popularity pervaded into the gaming entertainment, and even in those games they April O'Niel canon carried on! The first three games I played all had Shredder kidnapping her, tying her up, and using her as bait for a trap laid for the Turtles. Of course the said traps are always a debacle, but still, accentuating April's role as a Damsel In Distress is not a failure to us now, is it?

Art by: LostOneZero
April of course endured the test of time as generations grew and the cartoons and entertainment of our time shifted. Her bondage doesn't proliferate as much as us DID lovers would like, as a matter a fact, she became more and more 'capable' and learning to become a Kunoichi herself as the 2007 TMNT adaptation of her conveys! Not entirely too enamored by that, however she was kind of cool with that variation of her!

There are more aberrations of her and the more recent one made me cringe a bit. Perhaps the take on the turtles being younger has a bit of whimsicality behind it, though I would not necessarily stick to their ways of doing so. It's a rather abysmal in my point of view! That and bondage is becoming less and less of her habitat!
Besides, it's relaxation time for her! It's what she's TRYING to tell Raphael but it comes out:  "Uun'm Unmun mn! Nm'h lnluhfhung!!!"

Well, the next news we have on April is that Megan Fox will be filling in her shoes for the TMNT reboot. Not entirely sure what to think of that since April doesn't strike me as the provocative type as Megan Fox is supposedly the 'Best Actress' for such roles. Then again, on a different tangent, Michael Bay does ruin childhood cartoons. Anyways!

Art by: Gambit 2099

I think the whole notion of April being a top caliber Damsel reverberates in many DID fanatics. Though her role in such has been sadly decreasing, we are always going to be fond of the days when we would 80% be sure she would get the treatment. I don't know, seems like people these days are lacking the proper prowess for knots or something. If I was one of the Turtles, I'd keep her tied up longer for two reasons: First, she'd stay out of the way a bit longer and less likely to cause more duress for herself and themselves, second... well as a DID lover... You get the point in that innuendo, do you not? Well! That's it then!

Not so happy being untied, is she?

And yes! I wasn't going to leave April with a mere GID(New Edition) post that was filled with feign play of being exuberant with that side of the bondage coin. Again, that was an April fool's joke! But since it is April, it's only fitting with the said reporter's name! A good friend of mine suggested it a while back that April would be fitting for April. Wow, what an epiphany! At any given rate, as erratic and consolidated my schedule has become, there are moments when I have time for these notions! Perhaps even more in the hopefully sooner future! 

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  1. My favorite April bondage moment was in an early episode of the original series (Season 2 or 3, don't remember which) in which she inhales a poisonous flower secretly sent by Shredder and spends almost the entire episode passed out in the Turtles' lair while they seek out a cure.

    I wish she had more sleepy/KO'ed moments on the show. Wish I could commission some fanartist.