Friday, January 31, 2014

.:Masterless and Rage:.

You're up late.

It's been one of those kind of few days.

Discouraged a bit?

Yeah. But not the kind like before.

Oh I know that. I don't think it will be like that again as long as we all do our part.

There were so many let downs though…

Not all from here; And remember, not all days will feel Victorious.

I know. All will be well. 

It will. Don't let an accumulated few mishaps of a few days be the factor of such a great testament of a new road. It's getting better, but like everyone has said, it's a process. It's a few steps. Sometimes there will be detours.

I know; Guess it's just one of those. 

Maybe. But patterns like this isn't' suppose to stick as long as everyone remains vigilant. But you know that special question we always ask each other?

About versatility and malleability? 


What about it?

I know the answer.

That's good. Keep it to yourself. I'm going to figure it out on my own. 


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