Sunday, March 8, 2015

ML Odin: Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff! Scarlet Witch is here and let me just say, she is probably one of the most beautiful figures that we have received from Hasbro. Tell you what, she topples the Scarlet Witch from Toybiz by a LOOONNNGGG few miles! But let's not dwell on that past! Let's move on with this figure.

She is the alternate of the Captain Marvel from this wave that I reviewed already; "Maidens of Might" as these couple are called. You know usually I'll just comment how awesome the side art is, but I do like the posture of Scarlet Witch in the box. It's like she is magically elevating Odin's head. Alright, moving on.

We have seen this body mold before of course and Hasbro is well known for reusing the same mold when it's done right; I have no personal qualms with that tactic, but I hope they explore new avenues to add some diversity to their figures. While the Bucky Cap mold hasn't dried out yet, it is over used in more ways than one; as for this mold, well, it sets right with whom they used it for and it's definitely a great body for Wanda! The pain detail lacks(of course) but the coating of the red makes her just damn luscious! The skin tone and pink tights are well done and the face has no distortions whatsoever. Her brunette hair is accurate and those lips! The cape is probably the newest addition for this mold and I like the way they did it. The folds are great and the opening on her back makes it really easy to make use of a figure stand! Aesthetically, this figure delivers for me!

She comes with the Odin head, cape, and spear for the BAF piece and as for her accessories, she comes with a brand new 'hex energy' affects for both her hands. WHOA Hasbro, are you listening for real?!

The affects are comic book accurate and the translucent pink they used makes it a gorgeous addition to the probability witch. It's molded quite right but there is one thing I fear: they will re use this for another magic related(AHEM Dr. Strange) figure. I mean as it is, the two hex affects are exactly the same thing!

Now articulation wise, Wanda isn't the most compliant to pose. While getting her into dynamic poses isn't exactly in-character, to get certain 'sorceress' themed postures wasn't exactly the easiest either and sometimes lacking some zest as they do in the comics. Don't get me wrong, she's pretty nimble and has the standard points of movement for the mold, but again, she doesn't entirely 100% cooperate. Not that she would need to be doing some major dynamic poses anyways since she isn't known for her agility as much as she is known for manipulating probability and magic.

All in all, she is a pretty good figure. If anything else the addition of another beautiful looking Marvel Legend definitely isn't something to frown upon. I'm elated to have her in my collection and not to mention she hold the part of the Wave I really would have needed to build Odin. With that said!

As beautiful females of Hasbro goes, she might be harder to find. Better hunt with diligence and know your retail's time of shipment! 

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