Thursday, March 5, 2015

ML Odin: Iron Fist

The Immortal Iron Fist! I have to admit, this guy is one of my favorite characters in Marvel that doesn't really get the light of day! Well, here we are with Danny Rand punching through the darkness and getting an action figure that is part of the All-Father BAF! So, did he past the test and gain the rank of being a Marvel Legend?

I really like the art(I know I have mentioned that before) and it's very martial arts pose; but there is also one thing about the box cover art that goes against this figure: the chi affect on Danny's fists!

Now right of the get-go, for all of you Iron Fist/Marvel fans, it's easy to recognize that the costume picked for Iron Fist is the one where he seems to be powered up thanks to Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamotto; not entirely sure how long he wore this costume or if he is wearing it now, but all I know is that he is stronger and I'm assuming able to channel more chi thanks to the magical talisman. So as far as the accuracy of this figure, I say it's pretty up to snuff. White and gold seems to be intact and I like the color used for the areas that are supposed to be gold. Believe it or not, there are also shading on this figure as well on the white areas which is a great sign that Hasbro is paying attention. The Dragon symbol on his chest came out pretty clean to, though his sash is a bit lackluster if you ask me. Speaking of which, this is a Toybiz body mold and not the usual "Bucky Cap" mold that Hasbro uses a lot.

It's almost deceiving at some aspect with how many alternate hands he has. Truthfully, it's quite awesome. I did wish he come with fire special affects since Iron Fist's powers does have his chi igniting so that he can punch the living a-holes out of people.

He has the standard articulation and the added shoulder swivel and the modified ankle pivot(I don't think the Toybiz one had it), he meets every expectation that I have for the notion of 'standard'. Though what makes Iron Fist amazing as a figure are the alternate hands of course!

Still a far cry from the imports and what they give out in terms of variation hands, I must say that Iron Fist does offer a lot of dynamic poses! I am pleased with how articulated he is and just how many 'martial arts' pose he can actually perform.

But what are poses like the one above without:

Some Chi energy?!

Though I did wish I found the other 'Chi energy' from the Toybiz Iron Fist. It would have been perfect. Speaking of Toybiz...

I have always loved that figure and it's classic beyond belief but to me, this is the case where the costume is extremely out dated and not exactly my favorite anymore. I've always liked Iron Fist but his costume seems to make me want to take a step back so with that said:

Hasbro Odin BAF Iron Fist wins over the Toybiz Apocalypse BAF Iron Fist

In conclusion, he is probably my favorite one out of the set, honestly. He had the most articulation and fun factor to offer, and the fact that he is one of my favorite characters, well, just makes me want to pick him. He isn't perfect and definitely still barely outshines the classic Toybiz, but hey, he takes the bout. For anyone who are addicted to completing sets no matter what--Iron Fist is a must TWICE! I'll talk more about that when I get to the BAF but, yeah. Great figure!  

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