Saturday, February 7, 2015

ML Odin: Hawkeye

It's Hawkeye! And he uses a purple bow! How discreet! So Clint Barton needs no introduction, but this figure might. Part of the Odin Wave I just recently collected, let's go ahead and put him on the mark and see if he is worthy of the bow and purple boots.

I'll probably keep saying it redundantly but, I love the art on the side of the box. I wonder if this artist will be doing comic book covers.

This Hawkeye is far and away from the original Hawkeye costume; okay so not that far away since the addition of the 'purple' metal arm is really what distinguishes it from the original one. Wish I had the Toybiz version though. So he is another older variant from the Rocket Raccoon comic book version wave; the Marvel Now Hawkeye to be specific. Though for some reason Hasbro did not come through with that so here we are now in this Odin Wave Hawkeye. I've never been a big fan of Hawkeye so, this figure already started off in the mediocre list for me. Having this figure up close, it's nicely painted, missing some details and of course the rehashed bow and arrow form the previous Hawkeye does nothing for me(I'll scrutinize in a bit). Though it is obviously Hawkeye so not much to really say.

Hawkeye comes with the biggest piece of Odin and of course his standard bow and quiver full of arrows! Though none of the arrows(like the modern Hawkeye 'aka' Marvel NOW) can be pulled out and ... he doesn't come with one that can be posed. The whole bow is plastic so there is no way to 'pull' the string to make it a convincing "I'm about to shoot you with my arrow" action pose. From my understanding, this was the third Hawkeye with the same accessory and they have yet to update it.

Nothing spectacular and new about his articulation since he has the same mold as 85% of the figure I own from the recent Hasbro waves. Not a bad mold; Hasbro is doing the safe side with the mold and honestly, as long as they keep giving good characters, why not? But eventually the well will dry up and it's time for them to really find a new source for the water.

Seriously, without his arrow and a bit more pliable 'string' then it's a miss of the bullseye for this archer in purple!

So if you are trying to build Odin, Hawkeye is a must. If you are trying to build BOTH King Thor and Odin, then you have to get Hawkeye and a couple of other figures twice which is kind of a downer. If you are a Hawkeye fan, he is a must and not to mention, this costume is what Bullseye wore when he was posing as Hawkeye during the Dark Reign saga. So there are perks in terms of collectivity with this figure. Though in my honest opinion, he falls short more than a few targets for me to say I'm elated to have this guy. His BAF piece is what made him worth it to me. 

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