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ML Infinite Series: Ultimate Green Goblin BAF

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First and foremost let me just state that this is probably one of the best BAFs that Hasbro has dished out! In fact, it's the first BAF I have completed a full review on each and every single figure(something I will most likely make a habit out of). Hasbro's decision to make their BAF "Infinite Series" lines concur with the movies wasn't entirely well received for a little while though I understand why they did it! Nowadays people know Marvel Studios than the Marvel Comics itself so presenting their toy lines with a label that is familiar with casual fans will most likely have more fruitful result. My real qualms with that is the characters that would be provided; Will these characters be mainstream/movie characters? Or will Hasbro touch base with some of the not so popular characters in the comic books? Luckily this one did a great job mixing in recognizable characters from the movie but adding in some underground and popular comic book characters. The BAF may not be my personal favorite but this review will delve into what makes Ultimate Green Goblin worth it. Besides, isn't that face something anyone would love?

I'll give you the reasons why I'm not the biggest fan of this BAF right off the get go. First and foremost, this thing screams Hulk all over it. It's plainly obvious that it is from an Incredible Hulk mold! From what I know it was from the Avengers 6' inch action figure and they didn't do a very good job trying to hide it at all. I mean with the fact that they are both green and gargantuan it's a hard task to truly distinguish when using the same mold. I have no qualms with the mold, it's a good mold for large muscular characters, but they should've made him more like the very first adaptation of the Ultimate Green Goblin with the purple cloak and all. That and those denim jeans has got to go since it's the exact same ripping patterns as the Hulk I believe. But be that as it may, the details that are Goblin's alone like the spikes on his arms, the beastial feet, and the satanic creature of the black lagoon head mold does it justice.

And if the back looks too plain, there is always the flame affect that this figure is graciously rewarded with. Again, kudos for Hasbro for taking some tips from Toybiz and the imports!

I'm not entirely sure why the flame affect did it for me but what it accomplished made me like this figure that much. It has a pretty good mold and the paint accentuated a rather 'fiery' feel to it(as it should). The one thing about them is that they don't really hang on to Goblin as much as I would want especially the back flame. If one doesn't move him as much they'll stay, but literally they just hang and a slight angle it will make them just fall off. Still, the detail molded in them and the fact that they arm flames aren't identical, it's beneficial and it adds to the overall 'energy' of the figure.

Now in regards to his articulation, he has pretty much every standard bending ability as modern figures these days would ask for. For a big guy, he can be pretty nimble as a toy so I can take solace in that. I could pose him to do some pretty feral things that still makes him look like a juggernaut(sorry Cain Marko!) that he supposedly is(in the Ultimate line, he is responsible for Peter Parker's death).

But those Incredible Hulk pants though is killing off most of his aesthetics for me. He just reminds me of Hulk and/or Abomination! I really wish they put more effort into making him distinguishable than the other mean green giants of the Marvel Universe!

Speaking of giant, Mr. Ultimate Osborn doesn't quite stand up to the mighty Galactus. Well all joking aside, Hasbro still has yet to make a gargantuan BAF lately that matches up to the standards of Toybiz. Okay so maybe they had Fin Fang Foom way back when, but that's one out of how many BAFs have they made? They're more popular for BAFs like Hit Monkey, Puck, and Rocket Raccoon who are dwarfs compared to Apocalypse, Sentinel, Galactus, etc. So perhaps after the next two BAFs announced that Hasbro will pick up the size, huh?

Personally, Ultimate Green Goblin as stand alone figure doesn't have the compelling qualities that will get me just to buy him. With a very obvious Hulkness to him and the Ultimate universe has never been my cup of tea, this figure isn't making any top tier for me. Though what does make this BAF worth it are the pieces on its roster. Out of the six figures only one I barely didn't care for but ultimately with how the variant hands/heads are implemented, dynamic affects, new molds, and brand new packaging, I say in the end it was a note worthy catch. It was a hard toy hunt that I'm not doing again, but it was well worth it(now). 

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