Monday, February 3, 2014

ML Infinite Series: First Avenger

The first Avenger was a good adaptation of Captain America in my opinion. While it wasn't the most action packed out of all the Marvel movies, it had the heart that made Captain America lovable. With that I pay homage to his First Avenger costume in the form of Hasbro's Infinite Series: WW2 Captain America!

This Captain America is actually part of the Mandroid BAF series but it comes with no BAF. The back of the box clearly states that it IS part of the set though despite it missing the said piece but… oh well.

With no BAF, this Captain America comes with a gun and his famous shield(DUH!). Lacking in the accessories department, but here we are. Sadly most WW2 Cap comes with distorted shields thanks to the packaging.

I'm not the biggest fan of his costume in both Avengers and First Avenger. Then again I have never been a huge fan of his comic book outfit at all(just recently changed it to make it more suitable for modern age; adheres to the Avengers movie design actually) so for the movie costumes to remain true to the comic book is a good and bad thing. One thing is for sure if I was just to look at it from the standpoint that the movies did a good job, well I guess all things accounted for it did a fantastic job! The figure does the same thing and being immaculate in both detail and paint job that one will recognize it as the First Avenger costume almost immediately! From his shield to his costume, it is the Chris Evans adaptation of Cap.

Articulation wise is where this one's greatest flaw is. I would've let the weird chest joint and the way it made his upper body look distorted with every pivoting go. The peculiar way the arms poses at times wasn't a big deal nor was the hinderance of certain costume designs was a big deal to me! What made things a bit difficult is the fact that there was no ankle pivot! Yes that minor subtraction of a simple foot movement made things difficult to pose Cap!

That and his shield being distorted in the packaging wasn't an easy thing to let go! But there are more than a few poses that I found him worthy to have.

Bucky Cap, Marvel Now Cap, and Terrax BAF Steve Rogers
While I still have a couple of Captain America in packages(Toybiz, Diamond Select, no Hasbro I think), I would like to say I have enough Caps to form a boy band. This doesn't include an "Iron Patriot" I have from the original Iron Man series that has a shield like Cap as well! The saints come marching in!

No Mandroid BAF piece, lack of ankle pivot, distorted shield and a bit of awkward articulation here and there I would say that the better Captain America I got from this wave so far was the Marvel NOW Cap. There is another one in this wave that I am on the fence about buying and that is the Winter Soldier Cap outfit. So was this a loss? No, not really. Not my favorite one but I have it as a homage to a movie I really liked and Captain America is a character I admire despite him not being on the top list. But for any 'casual' Cap fan(less casual than me anyways), I say this is a pass. 

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