Monday, January 20, 2014

ML Ultimate Green Goblin BAF: Superior Spider-Man

So far, it's the last of the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF I have. Again, Carnage and Black Cat still remains out of my grasps and their prices are still sky high in my local online stores! But moving on to this guy… You know the story line that involves "Superior Spider-Man" is intriguing. It got a enough backlash from fans and some praise from others. Regardless of where it stood, it lasted a good few 13 months and a bit more until the second movie come out in theaters(that was predictable). One thing for sure that I like from that story line(despite me not reading ONE issue) is that Spidey got an updated suit!

There's two box theme for this series. One is the more comic book themed like we have seen in Beetle and Superior Spider-Man here, and then of course there is the movie theme that we have seen from Amazing Spider-Man and Electro. The symbol and the side art is the distinguishable signs that of what is movie and what is not. Curious, they only have 2 out of the 6 movie related and the running change variations don't have any other movie versions as well.

I'm a big fan of this costume design! Okay so a lot of the preferences I have for this thread is the fact that it adheres to my two favorite colors: red and black. If I remember correctly, Superior Spidey also has extra 'limbs' like Iron Spider-Man suit. I'm sure with Dock Ock being inside Spidey's body, that would make sense since that would feel right at home with his tentacle ways in his original body. Wish they added that in with the figure! But as a new mold and the paint job being above mediocre, I can't complain that much. Though he is missing something on his forearm which I assume are advanced web shooters or something… not entirely sure. Again, didn't read the comics(don't read comics anymore).

He comes with another leg of Ultimate Green Goblin and a pair of alternate hands. Again I'm glad they have these variant hands which adds a lot more pose options, but if only those 'tentacles' or 'spider pegs' were added in here!

On the articulation department, he reminds me a lot of the Amazing Spider-Man figure on this wave. He has the same amount of articulation with the same new mold that they use for a skinnier and more nimble looking Spidey!

And he is rather pose able might I add and very joint friendly! Though I will say now as a qualm I have with the other Spider-Man figure, he lacks the webbing accessory that would've made these web slinging shots a bit more convincing! I mean he has the flexibility for it, adding that web line would really make a few more great shots!

And those extra legs on his back… it would've been really nice!

Superior Spider-Man in red light!

Superior vs Scarlet!
In conclusion, I really like this figure despite the minor set backs or the lack of things that would've made this figure just plain 'perfect'! Basing it off on the character and the costume design and its action figure adaptation, I would say that this is my favorite so far of the four. But again, Carnage and Black Cat are still running rampant out there and not in my grasp so I'm sure there might be a change of opinion once I finally have them! As of right now, that's all in regards to this BAF. I will build him, just a matter of time! 

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