Monday, August 12, 2013

Marvel Legend: "Scarlet Spider" (Rocket Raccoon BAF)

"ALL the Power. NONE of the Responsibility."
Spider-Man has had a plethora of duds over the years he has crawled on walls. Classic and Black... Iron and 'Armored' ... Big Time and Future ... He has had a lot of people crawl into his skin as well ... from O'Hara to Miles ... From Reilly to 'Ms. Parker' ... But now his 'sinister' clone has slung a new web in the name of 'Scarlet Spider'.

While controversy exists within the new realm of Marvel Legends of Hasbro, one of them is of course the dwarf sized BAFs coming out lately like Rocket Raccoon, all in all however, there are some good figures coming out. Not all of them, but figures like the new Scarlet Spider is indeed something I am enamored by. Now while this is just a mere repaint of two other Spider-Man that has come out(Big Time Spidey and Future foundation Spidey from the Armon Zola BAF wave), I am a big fan of the color combo. Yes, Red and Black. Though there are some few gripes with this figure like perhaps that the one 'thwip' hand hinders quite a bit of posing capabilities. Don't get me wrong, the classic Spidey pose is indeed nostalgic and fitting, however ... one thing to "point" out with this said hand aside from it being permanently shooting out imaginary webs...

Why is this hand so BIG!? And it's not the mere focal point of the camera that does the 'trick', it's just not proportioned correctly. Interchangeable hands would've came in handy or perhaps adhere to what Toybiz did with their Marvel Legends and give them articulated fingers! It sure deters this giant hand debacle that they face with a lot of their toys.

There's only really so much one can really do with one hand 'stuck' in the thwipping action. It really wasn't the best choice ESPECIALLY since this is the third repaint of this figure. The mold does wonders for posing, but jeez, can they at least add variations to the said hands? Also, the new Scarlet Spider has 'a claw in each arm that extends out of his wrist(The Other storyline which Kaine kept and Parker didn't), sadly they didn't add it in this figure. For the sake of color scheme and how I like Kaine, I 'had' to get him, but for those who are just indifferent about him, he doesn't have a whole lot of incentive. Hell, to complete Rocket Raccoon, one doesn't even need this guy. He comes with no part.

Web of Spider-Men
But as an addition to the Spider-Man gallery, he is pretty cool. Again, along with Iron Spider and Black Spider-Man, this is one of my favorite adaptation of the Wall Crawler. I'm sure not a whole hell of a lot of people can concur with that though. Still, glad to have him, all in all!

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