Friday, April 3, 2015

Bishoujo: Batwoman

Bishoujo came out with two characters that highly enamored me within a couple of months so, here I am with the second character: Batwoman. I'm going to be honest to the notion that I know very little about Batwoman other than she's a lesbian, ass kicking, well suited, female version of Batman. While my knowledge of her backstory is very limited, I do have to say that she looks gorgeous so her Bishoujo did her justice! So, without any more delay, let's move on to the figure!

Familiar with the box with the previous review of a Bishoujo was just a few posts away! Though I will point out that Batgirl's box was a lot bigger than Jubilee!

So let's move on to the accessories of Batwoman which consists of an alternate head from her masked version.

So Kate makes an effort to at least hide her identity by putting on a mask that has a long wig on it, which resembles her natural hair color to begin with. But let's not admonish her that part and just compliment the figure. I do love the alternate head; as always, we have a beautiful face that is well done by Kotobukiya.

The stand has a bit more flare to it than the previous Bishoujo I just gained. It's a nice crimson color with a metallic shine, which is always a plus to me. But the color isn't the main thing! It's the embossed "Batwoman" on it! Lettering definitely concurs with her text in her comic books(getting cancelled by the way) and for sure fits the ambiance! Speaking of ambiance, let's just get into the whole figure itself:

Letting the pictures speak for itself now.

The colors. The pose. The effect on her cape is just astounding. 

Now here's some image of her in the same rotation with her variant head. Normally I wouldn't do this much show casing for an alternate but it does make a difference. 

I think I do like her symbol better than Batman's. 

Taking a moment to pause to look at that detail on that cape. Lot's of good wind to get that much of a dramatic detail! 

Great work on her Bishoujo. I am speechless for the most part. Well, so here she is next to her other Gotham related Bishoujo gals.

Harley is probably the most out of place, but you know. 

Harley Quinn
Missing Catwoman. Though that damn Bishoujo is elusive as all heck because of the price. Anyways! Trying not to tangent! 

Unless Bishoujos and/or statues come in abundance this year, I think Batwoman is already claiming her spot. It's going to be really hard to dethrone her with just how much sensuality and the overall astounding quality she brings in my collection. Anyone who is into Gotham girls and Bishoujo... anyone into Batwoman, this statue is a must! 

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