Saturday, February 15, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Allow the best

Allow your world to be beautiful now. Allow your life to be rich and full and joyous.
There are infinite possibilities, and yet the ones you experience are the ones you allow. Make the choice now, and always, to allow the best.
Allow your thoughts to be positive and empowering. Allow your actions to move your life forward.
Allow your spirit to envision life at its very best for you and your whole world. Allow yourself to make that vision real in each moment and with each choice.
Don’t struggle to move yourself toward or away from what might or might not be. Instead, allow your life to unfold according to your highest vision.
The power to make a positive difference is always yours. Allow that power to flow through your life, creating magnificent, meaningful results.
— Ralph Marston



Trying to allow the best; Sometimes it's hard when you're still paying for the things you've never done.

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