Saturday, February 15, 2014

ML Infinite Series: Guardians of the Galaxy

So here we are folks! The Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Series coming this July! At first look… Yuck on Gamora. Drax and Groot looks cool but… yeah Groot is the BAF so there goes that idea. But then New York Toyfair reveals(Thank you Toyark for these pictures)…

Yes! Nova prime! I have the 3.75' of this guy and let me just say, I've been waiting for this guy for ages now! And he hits the shelf with the Guardians! As for the rest…

Do we NEED another Iron Man?! I mean don't misconstrue, I LOVE this armor. But really? Really? But who am I kidding… this guy will for sure has to be part of my collection.

I already have a freaking Rocket Raccoon(BAF) but I guess we HAVE to have a movie version, don't we? Imagine paying the normal retail price for this little guy… ouch.

Uh… I hope the face for Gamora is better in person and this model they are using is just defected.

Maybe they should have Gamora have an alternate head like Starlord over here. This thing looks pretty good though, have to admit.

We've had a Drax before and I would like to say that this one looks pretty bad ass.

And the BAF himself: Groot. He looks pretty good despite this character not really being on the top of my list. Details on this guy is pretty badass which is a testament that Hasbro is trying.

Still, the roster is lacking a bit more… villains and having another Iron Man(although he is part of the guardians of the Galaxy in the comic books) is a bit redundant. Still… it's a good looking set. Again check out Toyark for more info on upcoming toys and more pics of this wave as well as the 3.75 MU line ups for the future.

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