Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bishoujo: Harley Quinn

Oh what?! Yes. The Bishoujo adaptation of Dr. Harleen Quinzel (aka: Harley Quinn, Duh!) has always been in my eye sights the first time she came around. The color scheme is vibrant, the psychotic persona as she is always portrayed is rather alluring and a bit frightening in her own right. And while she has no real 'powers', she falls under the category of just 'melee' and 'clever gadgets' realm that the Batman mythos seems to revolve around for the most part. Though I would hardly fathom that gargantuan mallets and 'fist guns' are hardly sufficient tools of the trade when we are speaking about fighting a master detective who stalks the night time sky as a Bat, but hey, when you are partnered with the Joker, well, suffice to say that the efficiency of such impractical weapons would be amplified! It is the Joker we are talking about here! The King of Clowns!!!

The glossy shine was one of the thing that captivated me when I first took Ms. Quinzel out off her box. While the color scheme does adhere to a bit more of the darker sense of a Jester, the coat in her paint gives her that shine which of course, for the most part gives of a 'different' texture to her outfit like Black Cat (Bishoujo: Black Cat). Or it could be that she is just brand spanking new that the freshness of her haven't dissipated. Though Black Cat remains with the same shine.

I would question the idea that these statues are almost always insinuating something sexual, but again, aside from the fantastic aesthetics and attention to detail, the fan service in this is rather nice. I mean, Harley practically giving her mallet a pole dance of some sort? Yeah, unnecessary, but sensual!


Okay so here's some other angle to her. Again, her outfit is rather immaculate to how she is in the animated series. Though, one would be asinine to NOT capture her threads to the full extent since well,  she does have a rather insipid choice of apparel.

And BAM! Booty in the tights! I start to ponder as to why do the Comic book medium seem to want to make their females wear ... wait, Never mind! I freaking know! That is one shiny ass. Okay, perversion seems to be potent in me.

So one thing unique about Harley Quinn that I have yet to encounter with the Bishoujo is this:

Okay aside from the difference in the shot, do you see the difference?! To be honest with you, with how miniscule the contrast is, and just how terrible the comparison picture I just did, one PROBABLY can't tell. So here...

What the hell?!
As I said, partially unique about this item is her 'interchangeable face'. Maybe there's a clearer contrast when put side to side and if one can't notice, the one on the left is her 'NONE' make up face while the one on the right is full on 'white powdered' one. Again, not much of a difference, but the idea was cool. Or maybe it's the shots I took. Suffice to say, the perk was neat and more than welcome!

So there's my DC Bishoujo line up. Suffice to say, there is no more room in that shelf! Yeah I get the notion that it is time for a new one! Well, again, there will be a shift in regards to my game room, so suffice to say.... 

Wonder Woman is still my favorite, though all of them together is an eat combination! Not going to lie about that. 

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