Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bishoujo: Huntress

It is that time again to bombard this side of the web with another addition to my Bishoujo gallery. This time around one of Gotham's very own: Huntress. Helena Bertenili is her name, and all I know is that she is a daughter of a mafia boss (should read that graphic novel I have. It does contain a D.I.D. Speaking of which, Huntress has been in a couple of situations herself!) I have had my eye on this Bishoujo for a while now and have had her in my amazon wishlist for some time. Suffice to say, the moment she was available, she was already hunting down my bank account's funds! Yes, puns. And once again the box itself is more than glorifying in regards to art and showing a 'pictured' image of the said statue herself.

Though the real justice is pretty obvious when it comes to these genre of statues. They are the best outside their box! Huntress herself is rather alluring with her posture and of course the details that are always put into them.

What detail you say? How about that damn booty shot right there! Sensual and eye catchy. If I was a villain... well...

Side action show here with her cape flowing rather exuberantly with the wind and a gargoyle getting the boot in the head. The posture in the staff does remind me of a 'windmill' motion, though one can hardly tune themselves in the way she grasps her choice of weapon with a posing and an endowed body like that!

Again, not a whole lot can be said anymore when I attain some of these lovely gals. Window box, highly intricate attention to details, alluring in every way, and not to mention they are a great addition to my collection. So without further adieu...

Is that another finished shelf?!

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