Saturday, September 7, 2013

Damsel of the Month:


Name: Tifa Lockheart

Video Game/Series: Final Fantasy VII

Some Words: It was September 7, 1997 when Final Fantasy VII came out into the psx system. It was one of the best(arguably still is) one of the best Final Fantasy to ever have been produced. I'm not going to delve into my opinion on what is the best Final Fantasy out there is because this is about the Femme Fatale that came out of FFVII and that is Tifa. If one wants to talk about an impractical outfit in the Final Fantasy realm, there are many to choose from! Rikku, Yuna(FFX-2)... even the males have their own wardrobe discrepancy, but Tifa could for sure fill in the top five slot of that. But with this 'provocative' outfit comes the perk of being a target for damsel treatment. Who would disagree with such a lovely captive? And the fitting month for the release date some decade and odd years ago?

Final Fantasy always took pride in the 'job' class. Or at least the certain individuality of characters and their characteristics that played a factor to how effective they are in battle. Some are just a must(white mages are always a must in my opinion) while other players can make do without but FFVII kind of diluted that notion with the whole materia option. Regardless, Tifa comes to the party fisticuffs and short leather skirt and all. Suffice to say, she has played the role of Sabin and Yang from the previous popular Final Fantasy. I suppose all the more reason why those lethal hands should be restrained or what not. That and those legs must also get the treatment since she is rather skilled with kicks as well. Watch out for the Dolphins!

Karuso-Maker from deviant art.
As a prized captive, it would be behoove of the captor to really implement some heavy and durable restraints on her. For one, when/if she gets out of that she will be a juggernaut on her own right considering she was an asset in the FFVII crew's victory. The other reason is of course all for sensuality! You wouldn't want to lose one of the most badass femme fatale from the FF female roster now would you?

Then again if one is lucky enough to capture a handful of the Final Fantasy gals, letting them go or making it too easy for them to escape without some prize for the labor would be asinine. I mean... Tifa is a catch but NONE of the captives in Loz's pic from above should be taken lightly!

Wer-nomad deviantart
In the FFVII AC movie, Tifa had a sweetheart voice(japanese version); I never once thought that she would have a rather masculine tone in her voice, but she had too sweet of voice to BE the sexy brawler I picture her to be just from audible value; but a formidable gag should still be applies on her! The better she is inadequate for anything, the better. Speaking of gags, she did have a bondage treatment in the original game... came equipped with struggling options as player would 'press' combinations for her struggle endeavor... hands... legs... she needed to pick up the key to get her unlocked from her execution chair. Too bad the picture that Erickson(from deviant art) came up with on the right wasn't the 'torture' that she received. Full gag and all. That would've been fan service and nostalgia!

Blackprof(deviant art) was kind enough to draw up a story for a perfect event for Tifa's capturing. To see his full work, go on his page. More or less it REALLY does what the game didn't do and that is really pit her strength against the one thing a damsel can hardly fight against ALL THE TIME: Bondage. So with the thought that ONLY through fanfics, fanarts, and imagination that FF gals like Tifa gets their well deserved distressing moment, it is something still noteworthy to give praise to since the constructs of ink and art does(most of the time) Tifa justice. It may be scarce as my collection shows, but what I do have still elates me.

Repitle eye did a magnificent commissioned piece as well with Scarlet getting the best of her and sock gagged too! Still, not enough DiDs of Tifa out there...To the hopes of acquiring more then!!! And until that time ....

Let's enjoy what we have and look forward to October to mark the YEAR anniversary of this monthly Thread!!!! =)

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