Sunday, September 10, 2017

Treasured Collections: Coronation Elsa

While an Elsa statue isn't exactly something that doesn't belong in my collection, this particular piece may have come out of the left field considering what it is. It's not even a doll or anything, so like I said, a bit odd. But it is a statue of Elsa in her Coronation outfit so I dare say it's worth being in my collection. So let's get into the review!

Right from the get go I will say that shipment and handling for this figure was not done correctly. First off, it doesn't have a box! So for anyone ordering from here can be warned that this Elsa was not properly fit for transport. I was miffed to see that her right hand(gloved) was broken and her left one had some dents and cracks. Super glue and black permanent marker fixed the issues, but still!

Again, her coronation gown is my favorite that she has worn so far(her winter dress might be coming up a close second). The figure does a fine job capturing some of that well combine coloring, the almost subtle signature designs. The pose is a reenacted scene from Frozen, the part when Anna kept bombarding Elsa after pulling off her gloves and boom, Elsa accidentally reveals that she has magic!

Detail is something that is important with Elsa's Coronation dress. Like I mentioned, she does have familiar designs all over her, subtle, but they are there so a figure depicting Elsa in her coronation gown has to capture those trademark designs and I think it did. 

Colors are important! One of the things about Elsa's Coronation outfit that I loved so much more than her Snow Queen outfit is the fact that it had a good mixture of dark colors (burgundy and black) with the brighter teal. Also, it was peppered with gold and green, which makes the small floral designs pop out despite the dominant colors around it. The symbol on her cloak is well done too! After all, it's the cloak and the designs on it that really makes this outfit pop. The base and the ice is a bit 'corny', but I'm not complaining that much. 

Here's Elsa next to the only other Coronation Elsa I have in my collection(sadly), the POP version. I think the two, despite their difference in theme, they do a very good job adapting Elsa's first adult gown into plastic version. 

And of course my other treasured statue of Elsa, the SEGA version. 

And of course, the Elsa shrine continues within The New. Despite having limited figures on the market that would fit my theme(you know, figures that are NOT DOLLS), I think I have a pretty decent Elsa collection. 

As a final word, I think this is a pretty cool statue. With the bad experience of receiving it broken, the high retail price despite it not being equal to other statues, I think it has drawbacks. But it is an Elsa Coronation outfit merchandise and it is a must have for me. I think for most, this is an easy pass. 

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