Saturday, May 9, 2015

POP: Coronation Elsa

Taking a break from Marvel Legends for a moment to enjoy the newest addition to my Elsa collection: POP Coronation Elsa!

Strange how the box shows her with silver hair; there was a bit of a misunderstanding of her hair color at one point I believe. But she's platinum blonde. Only Anna had silver/white hair(for the duration of the movie, a strand of it).

The Frozen phenomenon won't stop now and it's only going to grow with POP and other figures that are promoting the movie. Oh and one thing about this box that shows a future merchandise that I will own:

Coronation Elsa with scepter and globe for her monumental coronation moment! I just have to have that in my Elsa coronation one day!

POP figures are definitely chibi art in plastic form. One of the things that I adore with chibi, whether it be art or figures is that they retain their details in their most cute and whimsical way. This Elsa Coronation Dress POP is no different. Look at the little things that they kept! The float designs on her dress, the way her would be famous braided hair is position! Just like the movie! The crown! I especially adore the sculpted design on her cloak!

Here she is standing next to her ever so popular Snow Queen attire.

And look! My growing Elsa shrine! I'm hoping to get a well articulated figure in the form of Figma or perhaps Figuarts! That would be insanely amazing!

As a fan of her Coronation outfit, I'm happy that this one came out. The details, the decors, the colors, aside from the hair, I think this is Elsa's perfect dress in terms of showing off her regality. Pair that in with her ever so popular 'left shoulder braid' hair and her 'sass and swagger' that she gains from being the Snow Queen, and I'd say this would be it! 

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